Thursday, June 01, 2006

You Cost WHAT? - or A Cat Even Clay Aiken Would Love

My first cat cost me $5. I had always had dogs and never owned a cat. One day, my husband and I were walking on Columbus Ave in NYC for a street festival and there was a shelter with kittens to adopt. He said - "want one?" I said "OK" and that's how Maximum D'Light came into our life. She was $5 - but the box to take her home was $10!

She was the runt of the litter who turned into what I politely called "The Sophia Loren of the Feline World" - she's not fat . . . she's voluptuous.

6 months later I was walking down the street near work and passed a pet food store. They didn't normally sell animals - just food and toys and that kind of thing. But someone must have dropped off a litter and there were the most adorable kittens in the window. One playful beauty was getting a lot of attention. She was calico and looked like Maxi and I called Husband and said "get your ass down here now . . . if we don't grab this little girl, someone else will."
He came over and picked her up . . . looked her in the eyes and then put her down. Well, she opened her tiny mouth and let out a howl that shook the building. What a pair of lungs on her. It was love at first sight - and Mollycoddle D'Light came home with us that night. Maxi took one look at her - hit her on the head and then Maxi went into the closet to pout for 2 days - came out and the two of them loved each other for the rest of their lives. They passed away at age 16 - just 6 months apart - kind of freaky. Molly cost us $25 and I thought that was alot.

My girlfriend wanted an Abyssinian. I told her I thought she was horrible, spending money like that when there were so many adorable kittens just looking for homes - I went with her to pick up her Abby and I chastised her the whole way home "shame, shame, shame".

Slow fade to 7 years ago. Picture this . . . Husband is out of town. I'm bored. The Internet is now a part of our lives (this was pre-Clay so it was part of my life . . . just not my whole life *g*). I'm surfing around keeping myself busy. Oh, a test - this sounds interesting . . . "What Kind of Cat is Perfect For You?". I take the test. Yes, I want a playful cat, one who loves people and other animals, one who doesn't shed too much, yada yada yada. The results come in . . . My Perfect Cat is an OCICAT! WTF?????????????

Okay, never heard of this breed. Let's go searching. I'm bored, nothing to do. I'm lonely . . .

OMG . . . this is the most adorable breed in the world! They are combination of Abyssinian, American Tabby and Siamese. They look like little ocelots - all spotted and precious. I'm still safe - cause they are cute and all . . . but they cost MONEY. Who spends MONEY on a cat? Not me. I'm all into shelters and rescuing the strays. Only yuppie jerks spend money on cats. Nope, not me.

But, what the hell. I’ve got time to kill – so I go looking at breeders. Oh, I’m in luck. No breeders in Connecticut. Closest one is in Pennsylvania. Whew . . . now I’m safe ‘cause there’s no way I’m going to travel to find a cat. I mean that’s just too obsessive. I told you, this was pre-Clay Aiken.

So I read about Ocicats and I read about the different breeders and I decide to send an email to get information. Hey, it’s just information. I’m not really getting one of them. And I focus on one particular breeder in PA that I hear good things about. And they reply with the info. Yeah, you can have a kitten – you can get on a waiting list – send them a deposit – and all that jazz. WAITING LISTS? DEPOSITS? Oh, come on . . . who does this stuff? But . . . let me look at that picture one more time. It is just so damn cute. Those kittens are just so precious. I’ll just look . . .I won’t touch . . . I’ll be good.

Husband finally comes home. I say, "you know I found this really interesting breed of cat – I know it’s crazy, they cost so much money" . . . and I proceed to tell him how much. “Are you nuts?” he lovingly replies. “Yes, I know,” I say . . . “but . . . just . . . look at the picture.”

Fast forward to now – as my 2 Ocicats are lounging around the house. DoubleDutch and Ponyboy.

DD is an older girl. We took her home from the breeder for a discounted (HAHA) price. She had given birth to 3 litters and they were spaying her. We fell in love with her sweetness. She’s unlike the breed descriptions as she is shy and not comfortable with strangers. It's natural since she was a mommy at the cattery and certainly not the alpha cat there. But she’s a Chocolate beauty and she dances on her little twinkletoes whenever she’s particularly happy. Sometimes we called her Miss TwoShoes.

Ponyboy D’Light is a monster. He’s a Cinnamon lovebug who can’t get enough petting. But he’s also a stubborn brat. When we first got Pony - we called him Bat Boy -- just take a look at these ears!

He’s everything that stupid test said. He adores people and other animals. He loves to play and his favorite game is fetch. You throw a rolled up piece of paper in the air – he bats it with his paw or his nose and then chases it. Then he brings it back to you in his mouth and tosses it to you to continue the game. Unfortunately, he does this usually around 11 PM at night and preferably when you’re all cozy in bed.

Pony and DD love eachother so much. She's got mothering instincts and he loves to be mothered.

One night Pony was going crazy stalking and meowing around the bedroom heating vents. We finally looked and saw a little mouse scurrying back and forth trapped in the vents. I quickly grabbed Pony and ran out of the room, leaving my husband inside. I brought him up a broom and a dustbin and reshut the door. Pony and I were out in the hall and all was silent for about 5 minutes. Finally, I hear laughing in the bedroom. Husband calls out “What’s wrong with this picture? I’m in the room with a broom and Pony is in the hall with you?” So we throw Pony into the bedroom and Husband removes the venting. Pony grabs that mouse in 2 seconds. Husband grabs Pony and he drops the mouse. Husband scoops it up and takes it outside and lets it go in the woods. Pony whines the whole night. His toy mice just don’t cut it now.

The other day he brought us a little snake. We let him outside in the garden now that we have deer fencing and if we’re outside with him. He came out of the woods, ran up the deck into the bedroom and onto our bed. Husband got the snake away from him. I went to Macy’s and got a new comforter for the bed.

In honor of Maxi, Molly, DD and Pony -- and Mo, YSRN's beloved cat –this blog's Quote is: Of all God’s creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. Mark Twain

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CB said...

I am mildly allergic to cats after a long exposure and my husband is a dog person through and through. Yet whenever we got to ConClayve-Nan's house, Ponyboy curls himself up with my husband and the two are best buddies for the entire time we are there.

These are easily the two coolest cats I have ever seen.

beauzzartz said...

Your cats are beautiful and the names are so cool! I've never heard of that breed before. My one cat loves my springer spaniel, he'll cuddle up close to her for his afternoon nap. The other cat would rather be dragging home chipmunks.

The snake story gave me the shivers. I have a few snake issues.

Pink Armchair said...

I love all your cats, but those ocis are particularly beautiful. What great stories about them, too. I got my two at a shelter...Tajma(Hall) is a "voluptuous" striped tabby girl with huge teal-colored eyes, and Turner is a slack black swaggering yellow-eyed boy (His name in the shelter was Dean Martin because he was always surrounded by doting female cats.) He keeps Tajma in shape by chasing her from one end of the condo to the other. She lives to eat; he eats to live.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Hey beauzz . . . the snake was very little. But still. So do you want to hear about the baby chipmunk Pony brought up to the bed. He made a little fort and the chipmunk was under the cover and Pony was playing all around him. We were able to get the baby chipmunk away - and put him outside - where he promptly ran back to his family. I promptly took the new comforter to the dry cleaners. Now we close the screen door so Pony can't bring any more friends home.

feelingthejoy said...

Wow....those are the coolest cats. I love cats, but unfortunately I'm allergic.

TheClayBlog said...

I am so allergic to cats, I think I'm going to sneeze just from reading your blog! ;-)

Seriously... I've had to have emergency shots for reactions to cats! The whites of my eyeballs swell up and so does my throat. No voice, difficulty breathing Ain't that crazy????

Leaving now before it gets me!

~ YSRN ~ said...

OMG, Ponyboy's ears! He's the cutest thing! I love their names too... D'Lightful. Heh. (groan)

Mo was an alley cat - rescued at the last minute before going off to the pound. Someone at the office offered him to me. He jumped up on my desk and spilled my coffee. It was love at first sight. His first years were on a huge ranch where he was king. He fathered one litter; the mom was killed by a racoon, sadly, but he was a very good father to his kittens, who all lived their (spayed) lives out at the ranch, chasing mice and such. One unspayed daughter managed to squeak out two kittens in our attic. We thought we heard birds but upon checking, we found two teeny tiny kittens. They live with me now, Mo's grandchildren, Scrawny and Little Kitty. Both excellent gopher hunters. I think I'll keep them!

Er, you kinda made me cry. But in a good way. *sniffle* Thank you so much for honoring my Mo. ♥

Diamond said...

I love the pics and stories of your cats! I love the furballs but unfortunately my husband is allergic so I've got to settle for cuddling my friend's cat and looking at adorable cat pics on the Internet :)

sassyblue8 said...

I love cats. Loved hearing about yours. I had a calico cat named Sassy and she was one of the best.
She only lived 4 1/2 years. I still miss her. I love your oci cats. My sister in law has a bengal purebred cat who is unique looking. Her name is bebe. I now have Tuffyboy2 who is a giant cat with long hair and his sister Harley Davidson. They are both five years old. Tuffy is a lover. He is a total house cat. Harley goes out. Got them from my son. I really enjoyed your blog.