Monday, May 22, 2006

Thanks, er, I think.

Have you ever gotten a backhanded compliment? You know. The ones that are apparently supposed to make you feel good but in reality have you scratching your head or saying “What the heck”? Ok, I admit, I usually think something else then “heck”.

I must be really blessed because I have received many of them. Luckily though, not on national tv in front of millions of viewers like Clay Aiken did during his stint on American Idol.

One of those times that comes to mind is after Clay’s performance in the Top 7 - Billy Joel night. Simon Cowell said “Clay, don’t take this the wrong way but I prefer you when I shut my eyes". Just how do you answer that? Clay played it cool though and just laughed as Simon tried to explain that he thought some of Clay’s facial expressions were a bit theatric. It probably helped that Ryan Seacrest jumped in and said that it was funny because he preferred Simon with his eyes shut. Personally, I usually prefer Simon with his MOUTH shut although lately he has been making more sense than Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson combined.

Then there was final 2. Clay had sung This Is The Night for his first song and Simon’s comment started off like this. “What’s astonishing is how handsome this show has made you. You look back at those earlier clips and you really were ugly”. Again, Clay just laughed (making him more handsome than ever). How does Clay do that?

Practice maybe? Maybe he just considers the source. Still he kept his composure with millions of people looking on.

I know I would have the WTH look all over my face.

I should have practice though. These are some of the backhanded compliments I have gotten over the years.

“Everyone cheered when they found out that you would not be in class ”.

“You probably will have good looking kids. You husband is really handsome and you are kind of cute.”

“Even YOU look nice today”.

Gee. Thanks. I love you too. Don’t people ever think before they talk? Or do they not care since they are “complimenting” you?

My all time favorite, though, has to be this one. I was meeting my sister-in-law for the first time:

“Tom lied. You aren’t THAT fat!”

No. I didn’t hit anyone. Really.

So let’s hear it. What kind of “compliments” have you received? Leave a comment.

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geekette said...

My dear, sweet mother in law, upon being told we were engaged said "Well, we all knew it would happen sooner or later. We just hoped later".

Oh wait. That wasn't a compliment, was it. Bless her heart, it all worked out anyway. She really was a sweetie; just not ready to let go. I mean, her son was only 23...

Pink Armchair said...
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Shell said...

One of my sister-in-laws came to see me in the hospital a couple of hours after I had my twins and she told me that I looked good. She then proceeded to tell me how awful and haggared I had looked when she had seen me a few nights before.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

This is the one every gets I'm sure . . . "Oh, you look good today" - as opposed to every other day when you look like hell, I guess!

Pink Armchair said...

Okay, I'll play:

A co-worker (tall, blonde, size 4): "You look so much younger than you are. But then, heavy people generally do."

Written on a card from a rival actress on opening night: "Go out there and show 'em that pretty girls won't stay in style forever!"

A first date: "That's a beautiful blouse. When are you due?"

A cabdriver on that same first date: "Where to? And when are you due?"

A waitress on that same first date: "How 'bout an extra helping of potatoes?" And when are you due?"

Me (making mental note to burn that blouse): October.

beauzzartz said...

The one I get frequently is when I dress up for opening night. As I'm usually working in paint grubs, no makeup, and my hair tied back, it sometimes comes as a shock to my interns. It usually goes something like this:

"oh my Gosh, I've never seen you dressed up before. Are those heels? Do you have make-up on? I've never seen you this clean!"

It's the look of shock that gets me. I didn't think I looked THAT bad.

Wyatt said...

Obnoxious, inscrutable X-BIL, (half Polish, half Japanese), who always greeted me with,
“Oh my, you’ve lost so much weight.”

When I had not lost any, or even been on a diet.

I could never tell if he was being deliberately insulting, or if he was stupid enough to think it was a complement.