Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thinking and Waiting for Clay Aiken's New CD

I have been thinking that waiting for Clay's new album is kind of like being pregnant! In the beginning you are really happy to get the news, everyone is so excited and there are all sorts of questions asked like...When's it due? Do you know what it is? Do you have a name picked out? Who’s the father…well maybe not that one!

You wonder what it is going to look like and you know you will love it even if it is not perfect! Will it have red or black hair, blue or green eyes…ten fingers and toes? Then you get sick and have a little bit of trouble along the way...nothing major just some minor annoyances. You then get to a point where you think that this baby will never arrive. You are uncomfortable and just plain tired of waiting! Lo and behold the day finally does arrive and you are sick with excitement and so nervous about the future. There is some pain and then you get handed a beautiful bundle…you take off the wrapping very carefully and take your first look at what is inside…then you hear that unbelievable sound and you are instantly in love…the long wait was worth it and the pain and anguish of the last months has just flown away. All is well and you feel you have to shout from the rooftops…look at what I have here...don’t you want 7 of your own?

Maybe the pain is not so bad waiting for the album but there certainly has been anguish in the fandom. We all have questions and everyone has their own unique answers! When is it going to come out? What is going to be on it? How many songs? Why covers? Why not? What will the cover art look like? What will be the title? Which will be the first single? Will it hit number one? Will Clay’s hair be short or long?

Despite all the angst and frustrations of waiting Clay fans know it will finally get here and the wait will end. We will love it and everyone will claim that they knew it was going to be great and they never doubted Clay’s vision for moment. Oh wait a minute this is Clay fans I’m talking about we will still argue about it until the next one comes out!

We may all be different in our outlook, our beliefs, our creeds and in a lot of other ways but we are all sure of one thing……that this wait, for the album, as hard as it may be will be worth every minute! It’s going to be a wonderful baby.

I just hope that the gestation period for this baby (album) is measured in human terms and not in an elephant's!

This latest blog is from our newest member of The ConClayve, Merrie - who hasn't quite gotten the hang of posting herself *g*.

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm anxiously awaiting it for sure. And I'm craving chocolate. Does that mean anything? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's the longest pregnancy ever! But I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.

Pink Armchair said...

I've never been pregnant, so I'll have to take your word for it! Great stuff.

TheClayBlog said...

Heeee! Yes, it is kind of like being pregnant. Are we into the 3rd trimester yet with this CD?? I hope so!