Sunday, June 04, 2006

Can I Have Two Boyfriends - PLEASE!

My husband just got back from a meeting in Los Angeles. Whenever he's out of town I always have trouble sleeping. The past 5 days were no exception. And him being in LA brought back memories of the first time we actually voted for Clay Aiken on American Idol.

I'm so lucky to have a wonderful husband to share my Clay love with. Those who know him can back me up. He exists - he's cool - and he loves Clay's voice.

I wasn't an AI watcher. I turned in the last 2 nights to catch Kelly's win. I watched AI2 at the beginning because I was bored. I had a hard time with the "bad" auditions . . . thought they were mean and was about to turn off the TV when this young man appeared. Truth is I adored Clay from the second he appeared on my screen and said "Ahm the next American Idol". I thought he was beautiful even then. He had exquisite cheekbones and I've always been a sucker for good bone structure. He sang - I fell. That simple.

Of course, this was pre-TIVO (who needed it before Clay?). I couldn't replay him for my husband. So we watched those stupid auditions and Hollywood episodes just for a glance. And a glance was all we got. So we kept watching.

Finally, his group - and he appeared and he sang Open Arms and I loved him as much as before. And my husband watched with me and his jaw dropped. I screamed at my TV when he wasn't picked. Truth was, I loved Ruben too and wanted the two of them to be on the show. But I wasn't invested in AI. I had no idea how this young man had grabbed me. But I physically was ill. I thought - it can't happen. I can't NOT hear him again. But my husband knew he'd be back. So we waited. And finally Wild Card night. And he sang AGAIN we listened and our jaws dropped AGAIN. And we knew he'd be the people's choice.

But we didn't vote. I mean, come on. Who did that kind of stuff? This was a tv show - not something we'd be invested in. But we watched each week (and tried to tape it as often as we remembered) and we were amazed each week at just how good Clay was. But vote? Hah! Not us. We loved music. Not AI. We were too cool for caring.

And then it was BeeGees night. And I was at a meeting in Los Angeles. Husband was watching by himself. And I got a call on my cell phone. He was pissed. He was telling me what happened after Grease. I could hear the hissing from the smoke coming out of his ears.

"That's it - we're voting" I said. And there was no turning back.

My husband, bless his heart, did exactly that. We had to review the voting instructions. He started voting immediately. I went up to my room at my LA hotel to watch later and dialed from my cell phone that night. And every week after that. Not obsessively. I mean at that point we only used 1 phone each.

He was fabulous singing To Love Somebody. He looked amazing and damn - he killed on that song.

I adored his Grease. He may have been shy about his hip shakes – but he was spot-on vocally and it was fun:

Finals night, we voted all 3 hours. We moved from the living room to the bedroom to continue until midnight. Two phones each. Grand Total of 21 calls through. We looked at each other, lying in bed, a phone in each hand . . . and laughed and laughed. How did we get to this place? What was this kid doing to us?

Then the anomoly and my plans went out the window to go see the tour. Yes, I'm one of those "cut off my nose to spite my face" kind of people. I wasn't going to spend money to see Clay after what they did to him. I'll show them. And husband smiled and said he was fine with whatever I wanted. He smiled because he knew better.

I missed this strange young man - this wonderful combination of adult musicality and youthful joy. This mad mix of strength and gentleness. This beautiful man who had no idea how lovely he was to look at. So I went searching on the internet where I found others who felt like I did. I had no idea I wasn't alone. I'd never posted on a message board - never even read them. But here were all these wonderful people who felt like I did but who were so much funnier, smarter, and more talented than me. And I heard Clay was wonderful on the AI Tour. So I grabbed whatever two seats I could find for Worcester. And we went by ourselves, we saw him and we were out of our seats clapping, laughing and screaming like kids.

And there was no looking back.

My husband belongs to CNN so he gets his newletter. He asks every day - what's new on the boards. He flies on red-eyes just to get to a concert. And he knows exactly why I adore Clay Aiken. And why I adore the people I've met in this fandom.

My husband went back to playing the guitar because of Clay. He's always loved music - hell, he played in a rock and roll band in college and he managed record stores in Atlanta and San Francisco. He once told me that Clay had the sensuality of Elvis, the quiet strength of Gandhi and the charisma of JFK. He so gets him and he so understands what we women feel when we hear him sing.

I sometimes say that my husband was a woman in a previous life. And I mean that as the highest compliment. He loves the new people that have entered our life because of Clay. He adores being around funny, vibrant, interesting women.

This blog entry is a tribute to two wonderful men. One who's voice brings me great happiness and who brought special friendships into my life. And one who's love and support, good humor and good looks make me one of the luckiest ladies in the world.

In honor of my dearest husband - here's this Blog's Quote: From success you get a lot of things, but not that great inside thing that love brings you. Sam Goldwyn

Clayspots has an interesting blog about the Conundrum that is Clay. For a humorous look at how Clay seems to affect his fans can be found at Taking A Moment. My husband is a proud Clay Aiken fan. For an interesting look at the Clay fandom - check out There Was A Man

Take a look at the Blog Links - and take time to visit them. You'll find something for everyone -- it's not all Clay - just all Clay fans. And don't be shy about commenting. You don't need to leave your names - Anonymous will do - we love the feedback.

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qm said...

Loved your "2 boyfriends" blog -- I probably don't have to tell you this... but it sure sounds like your hubby is a definite 'keeper' !!

Shadylil said...

I am now officially in lurve with your husband.

That was a TERRIFIC blog entry. I hung on every word.

I hope that the July 21st date will be snagged for Clay on GMA. Can you imagine the audience for that appearance?

Vox Vixen said...

OMG--Can I have your husband? *g* What a sweetheart! I'm just glad mine doesn't make fun of me.

I love that Grease performance. I think it took quite of bit of courage for Clay to put himself and his hips on the line like that. I truly hated Simon after those comments about it being a horrible performance. The vocals were superb and the hips are pretty darn nice too.

Thanks for linking my blog.


Idle-wandering said...

You are indeed a fortunate woman. Wonderful blog--thanks!!

christelklein said...

Cool!!! I love the comments about "who votes? who does that kind of stuff." ... terrific blog ... gotta go watch the videos.

"Grease" was such fun i laughed until i nearly peed my pants ... for a whole week. I still get a kick out of it.

"To love somebody" ... one of my favs ... just kill me now! I'd die happy.



Joe Berenguer said...

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Southern Girl said...

You know, you could probably make fortune renting out that prince of a hubby you have there. ;)

What a great guy! Excuse me, what great guyS!

Pink Armchair said...

You're so lucky to have a partner in crime in all of this! I loved revisiting those performances -- I was in Vegas that night, and crept up to my hotel room from the casino just to watch them...I couldn't miss seeing Clay. He's done all right, hasn't he? Anyway, I loved reading this.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

MrNan and I watched these videos today when I did the blog - and we realized just how amazing Season 2 was. The energy and excitement that Clay brought to the stage every night was really special. I just didn't see anything this year that captured my imagination like he did. AI keeps trying to make something happen. They don't realize that you can't manufacture it. We were so lucky with Clay.

I've thought how much money I could make if only I could clone MrNan. I did good the second time around. There's more out there like him -- it's like Clay - it arrives always unexpected.

beauzzartz said...

MrB and I love MrNan!! MrB appreciates that he isn't the only representin' male Clay fan at the northeast gatherings. I think they like the women and the attention. *g*

Glad I'm not the only one who fought off voting at the beginning. Heck, I wouldn't have watched AI if my interns hadn't forced me. I rolled my eyes at what appeared to be a glorified gong show. Who votes on a reality tv competition?

Fast forward to the finale, the entire family is voting for Clay while visiting my son in a restaurant booth with the cast of Seventh Heaven looking on.

MrB and I dragged my interns to the AI tour and to this day they never ever let me forget it. hee.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

That's so funny beauzzartz. That must have been some scene at the restaurant. Too bad you couldn't enlist the cast of Seventh Heaven to help. Maybe Clay would have won *g*.

lyrichord said...

Awww, what a great story. It's very cool that you and your husband can share the Clay love. :)

Michi said...

Mr. Nan is one cool dude and I have a hard time deciding who is luckier. *g*

I loved Clay's Grease performance. It showed he didn't have to take himself all that seriously and boy did he nail that falsetto.

Makes me wonder why Paula didn't mention that since in the last couple seasons she has fallen all over some pretty poor (IMO) falsettos.

Oh that is right - she may have been concentrating on someone else's "falsetto" that year (me bad).

I didn't even vote, er make that TRY to vote, until the finale. I had two phones (one cell, one landline) and I tried for 3 straight hours and got through exactly ZIPPO times.

Clay has done just fine though even without my "help".

I wished my hubby was a little more open to Clay and think he would have liked the JBT.

I guess I will just get in line for adopting Mr. Nan!

James Baker said...

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Shell said...

I enjoyed reading about your two boyfriends. You're lucky to have a husband that has shared your Clay love from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Loved your blog. . . I feel certain I know you. Please check my blog if you'd like (I'd like to link yours on mine, if that's okay). . . And lucky you, having such a great DH!

Valeda said...

Great blog. Clay first tugged at my heart during his audition performance also. It was on Wildcard night, after rewinding the tape countless times, that I went to the computer and typed "Clay Aiken" and a whole new world opened-up to me. I didn't have a wonderful husband such as yours to share my new found interest with, so I was ecstatic to find the boards and all the lovely people who felt just like I did. I've never looked back either!

theresa4624 said...

Back off people, I staked my claim to Mr.Nan long ago - I get the first clone. Yankee fans stick together!! *g*

dixiehellcat said...

Clones? Did somebody say clones? Just clone Clay for us all & save the trouble. (hehe) What a great piece...yes, I'm slow but I'm finally getting around to making the blog rounds. Love you all!!