Saturday, July 07, 2007

Clay sings "Lover All Alone" in Houston

The fabulous Clay Aiken sings "Lover All Alone," a song from his album A Thousand Different Ways (this track available only via download on iTunes). Clay wrote the lyrics; David Foster and Emanuel Kiriakou wrote the music. This clip is from last night's concert at Jones Hall in Houston, Texas. Fantastic video by spotlightlover of an incredible performance by Clay. Enjoy!

I'm so glad that Pink posted this gorgeous rendition of Lover All Alone. Back in May of 2006 (WOW - that's a long time ago!) I posted a story about my acting experiences and I talked a bit about the fabulous Barbara Cook in my blog What GB Shaw Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him. I talked a bit about "inner monologues" and how I could see the amazing growth in Clay's emotional connection to his music. Now, more than a year later - we come to this beautiful performance. With a camera that is inches from his face - there's no hiding. The camera picks up everything and it's impossible to fool it. Sometimes, as an actor, I found it was easier to embody a character farther from myself than to simply be myself on stage. That Clay is sharing something so personal with his audience is amazing. That he is able to convey it so simply and purely - without artiface - is incredible. The vulnerability and pure reality of it is exquisite and so real -- that Barbara Cook would be tha-rilled with his simple honesty. Bravo Clay and Thank You.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What can I say, except this man is
the real deal! There must only be a handful of artists like Clay Aiken who can really sing. But there is only one Clay! He not only sings but entertains as well.
This man can sing anything!!!He conveys different emotions to each song that he sings.