Monday, July 09, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The Associated Press is reporting that Clay Aiken was detained on an airplane due to a disturbance. He was flying to Tulsa from Houston after rocking a sold out show there Friday night.

I guess the disturbance was some woman who has a sandal phobia. According to an eyewitness who gave a statement to the FBI (and Clay himself at the Tulsa pre-concert Meet and Greet later that day,) Clay fell asleep with one leg crossed so that his foot was touching the arm rest of the chair near him. Now despite perceptions that Clay is short, he's actually 6'1” with very long legs. (Not to mention, very big feet....) See Exhibit 1.

The witness reported that the woman smacked his foot and told him to move it but he didn't wake up. So she continued to swat at him and smack him until he woke up to her assault. Clay confirmed this story at the Tulsa Meet and Greet and during the Tulsa concert Saturday night, he joked that the woman “hit my toe out of my shoe.” You can see it here in this video from the Tulsa concert. It's a 9 minute video with other funny stuff so watch it all the way through but the first reference is right at the beginning.

The woman was led away to be questioned by authorities when the plane landed but the AP reports no charges were filed. I wonder what her issue is? Is she just really an angry person? Did she have a bad day? Did she think Clay's foot had been in Kelly Ripa's mouth?

Of course, because the AP story fails to mention that Clay was asleep and the woman assaulted him, all of the news outlets this morning are carrying this story like it was a fight between the two of them. Journalism at its best (worst?) once again.

Now, if I had the great fortune of sitting next to Clay Aiken on an airplane and his foot was touching my armrest, I would wait until he deplaned and carve out the piece of the seat pleather with my teeth. Ebay Gold. And probably a cracked tooth.

I would probably also get arrested but that would be because I was either massaging his foot or sucking his toes. I mean they must hurt because he used to bite his toenails. I wouldn't want him to get an infection or anything.

I also think the FBI may have missed the boat. The report should have included the standard Clay sighting information required of anyone spotting Clay. What did his hair look like, how was he dressed? Does he snore? Drool? His roommates from American Idol claim he sings in his sleep, does he take requests?

Clay joked about the incident during the Tulsa concert. He has a week off before the tour continues for six weeks and I hope he won't have to appear in Federal Court as the victim of the Podiatric Assault. Will they submit his shoe as evidence? Is there an evidence bag big enough to hold it? Can I have it when they are done?

Clay has a tremendous sense of humor and even though getting woken up while being assaulted by someone who doesn't want an autograph has to be disconcerting, he was able to laugh about it tonight. And just like this incredibly funny bit from the Houston concert, he's found a way to make this very strange incident funny too.

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Anonymous said...

The visual of chewing the armrest is so vivid in my mind. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. Clay was hilarious talking about it tonight.

I'll put the first bid on the pleather seat!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Quiana was asleep in the same row as Clay (while his foot was being slapped), so of course was no help at all to the sleeping Clay [hee]. Ya' gotta' laugh or you'll cry at the lack of attention to detail by the AP.

pax said...

Thank you Corabeth. It is nice to have this story so complete. I am sure the gossip blogs (and MSN) will conveniently leave out some of the details to make the whole thing seem scandalous.

I don't know that I want to suck Clay's toes, but I will stand by and blow him dry once you are done with him. Hee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the truth out there.

Pink Armchair said...

Glad you wrote this -- important to get the right story out there, and so timely, too!

Anonymous said...

Oops, he did it again! This is
hilarious. The trolls and the trollettes are busy trolling around over this. Funny, funny, funny! The media on the other hand are having a Clay-fever.
Knowing today's media reputation, expect the unexpected. Thanks for unfolding the truth.

Anonymous said...

Also should be noted that this occured in "coach" where the seats are closer together and not first class as this plane had no first class section.

Sally said...

The man is an attention magnet , isn't he ?

That clip from Tulsa is hilarious . Why doesn't he just do stand -up ? Loved it .

Shadylil said...

Good blog, guys! It's good to get the real story out and about!

RIClayFan said...

"Oops, he did it again!"

LOL. Maybe HE should sing that segment.

Poor Clay, he can't avoid controversy even when he's asleep.

Thanks for blog!

webweaver said...

Nice to see our Clay's still courting controversy wherever he goes... heh.

My workmate just came running over to tell me "Your Clay's just been in a fight with a woman on an airplane" so of course I had to come on over and see what really happened. Thanks for the full story.

Are we still surprised when the MSM gets it wrong? Why? We should know by now that they are incapable of getting it right... :)

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken has proven he is a decent human being. In this wide world of indecency, it is difficult to be a Clay Aiken. I am not saying he does not make mistakes, but here is one young man who tries very hard to be a positive role model to young men and women. Still people refuse to see this side of him. They continue to try to tear him apart instead. I don't get it. I am positively sure, the truth will come out eventually and drown these negatives.

4theloveofClay said...

Very funny. I love your and Clay's sense of humour. Just wish the media will get the story right and report the whole truth (just read the Yahoo version - disappointing).
I can understand Clay's position perfectly because my husband is at the same height and he can sleep partically anywhere at anytime. He would sometimes do things you would not believe, i simply just have to gently move back over to his side. I don't know what's up with the woman on the plane, but i think it's just this stressed out, self-centred world that we are living in. We all just need to have a little love and tenderness.
If it was me and Clay was on my armrest, i would've loved to just rest my arm on his leg.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Clay...he gave an exclusive to The Insider, too!!!

Bravo for setting the record straight!!!

Invisible926 said...

Clay gave the perfect response. He set the record straight and drew attention to the plight of the world's children. I'm grateful to ET for giving him a forum to use his voice.

stargazer said...

Bravo for getting the truth out there.