Monday, November 20, 2006

Kelly Ripa gets upstaged...and sucks her thumb

They say a critic's comments tell more about them than the person they are criticizing. I have never believed that more than today.

This morning on Live with Regis and Kelly, Kelly Ripa tore into Clay Aiken for being hostile to her when he cohosted the show on Friday, November 17th. This was astonishing on so many levels, some Clay specific and some not. I have three main comments for her.

What host with any class rips into a previous guest on her show, especially when there was no bad press about it or any serious altercation to begin with? The answer has something to do with ego and an exaggerated sense of self worth.

I find it extremely hypocritical of her to say Clay wouldn't have put his hand over a man's mouth (implying he did it to her because she's a female) and then says Howard Stern (the bastion of women's rights) agrees with her.

The show (especially the first 20 minutes) was tremendously funny. Clay is a very snarky guy and they actually played off each other with each getting digs in that were witty and made the time fly. It was good TV. Here judge for yourself (it's in two parts).

Also, they did not show the full Halloween impersonation that she thought was so funny. In the full Halloween skit, she was crass and inappropriate. I doubt that Clay found the entire skit to be very funny.

I'd heard that she is very self-absorbed but after that opening, I actually thought the show was going very well and they were both good sports. I do think her pre-conceived notion of Clay was way off and she was expecting the pre-conceived notion she had of Clay in her impersonation. We saw the Clay Aiken that we know with the quick, sharp wit. She met her match and then some.

In the next segment, they were supposed to interview Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) winners, Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke. Ripa is a huge Mario Lopez fan and made that known from the beginning. During the actual interview with Smith and Burke, she asked question after question, clearly cutting Clay out with both her words and her body language. I remember thinking "Is she punishing him for stealing the show from her in the opening? Nah, even though full of herself, she wouldn’t be that obvious and unprofessional." Clay tried to play along with it and then made what was intended to be a snarky gesture of covering her mouth with his hand. I thought "Oops, Clay.. Rookie mistake." He could get away with something like that with Jimmy Kimmel but not with Miss it's all about meeeee. She was pissed as you can see from this clip.

Clay goofed and he knew it and her reaction was unprofessional (although she took that to a new level today) and I thought she knew it too. I mean, she's an "actress"-cover up your annoyance. Overall, she made no attempt to guide him as you would do with a guest co-host. She tried to insert her authority because the show had become too much of the Clay with Kelly Ripa show prior to that.

Clay wants a talk show so I'm sure he would have appreciated some honest feedback on what he did right and what he did wrong. Some private, constructive criticism would have been welcome and taken to heart. He was the one who probably brought it up to her at the break.

One thing Clay could learn from Ripa is how to be totally classless to your guests. Her line of questioning to DWTS runner-up Mario Lopez made it clear that she thought he should have won.

The thing is, Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke may have still been in the studio, watching backstage. I couldn't help but feel badly for them and I have no personal investment in that show or in their success.

Did Kelly Ripa see some little kid throw a classic pre-school temper tantrum this weekend complete with foot stomping and screaming Mine, Mine, Mine after someone took their toy? It must have inspired her because that is what her behavior seemed like to me today. Clay Aiken took her toy by stealing her show out from under her on Friday. He made it a better show and he did it at her expense. She could have seen that and appreciated it and worked with him to make it even better.

I'm not objective when it comes to Clay, I know that. But slamming a co-host who made one rookie mistake in an otherwise highly entertaining program lacks class, plain and simple. There was one unprofessional person on Friday's show, and it wasn't Clay Aiken.

Here's the thing, Kelly Ripa. If Friday was a first audition for both of you, you'd be crawling on your hands and knees back to the set of All My Children, begging them to take you back.

But thanks for the publicity. You just made a whole lot of people interested in seeing Friday's show to see why you are pouting like a baby who lost her pacifier. I'm guessing 75% will watch it feeling that it was good TV and wondering what the hell you are whining about.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought a person couldn't make sense out of nonsense, but you just did. Brava!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was highly entertaining, and the snark was flying fast and furious which made it even more so.

Too bad Kelly couldn't go with the flo of what a fun show it really was to watch, and took some really bad advice from her "friend" Howard Stern.

Anonymous said...

I thought Clay Aiken was so funny and personable on Friday's show. I can't imagine why Kelly Ripa is upset. He made it a funny and memorable show.

I guess Diva Ripa didn't like being upstaged!

Pink Armchair said...

Right on! Would it have killed Ms. Ripa to have been magnanimous to Clay, a neophyte as a host? But no...she just had to be the center of attention, and was pissed off when she wasn't. And conferring with Howard Stern of all people tells me everything I need to know about her taste and her discretion. Great blog -- and thanks for calling her on her childish and unprofessional behavior.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your post. The show was great (other than I was wishing she'd shut up for at least a second or two). One of the more enjoyable ones I've seen of R&K. A professional would have been happy to see the show taken to such an enjoyable level on a co-host day. But then, as most people can see from her kid-rant today, Ripa is no professional. I've been shaking my head ever since. Thanks for adding a bit of logic to how a grown woman might end up acting like a fool.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE is making TOO big of a deal out of this. Get real! As always Clay's name is being used to draw attention to others.

Anonymous said...

The show on Friday was mostly fun but not because of Kelly and I wish Regis had been there instead of her. She came across as a loud mouthed diva. Her treatment of Emmit and Cheryl was awful when she made it clear that she thought Mario should have won. Amazing isn't it that she chooses Howard Stern as a mentor for how women should be treated. Come on. If that doesn't demonstrate what a joke she is then nothing will.

Anonymous said...

I think you just hit the nail on the head! Very unprofessional of Ripa and so acting like a child that didn't get her way.And her call from Howard Stren? great role model?, NOT! So if thats the company she keeps, well go figure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling the whole story.
I agree 100 percent with your assessment.

Anonymous said...

9:51 PM You have a good point. What have the ratings been like lately on this show. And it is November sweeps.

Shadylil said...

I was there, in the audience. The handgate incident was maybe 10 seconds, tops. Kelly made her displeasure known, Clay was contrite and it should have ended there.

For Kelly Ripa to act so unprofessional and petty astounded me, especially because the object of her venom couldn't fight back.

Clay will still be a star in 30 years. Ripa? A footnote in a dusty TV history textbook.

Anonymous said...

Kelly acted today like a woman upstaged, not a woman done wrong. And she did not like it one bit. She needs to get over herself and fast. Clay was nothing but gracious to her (see the Insider tonight with Clay saying how funny she was and how great the show went). And he wasn't there to defend himself. Talk about a whiny bully!

Anonymous said...

Very often Kelly Ripa's treatment of her guest co-hosts is downright embarrassing to watch, so I usually watch only when Regis is on. On Friday I was delighted to find that Kelly met her match in Clay Aiken. He matched her snark for snark in a way that no one else but Regis has been able to do. It was a fun, witty, fast moving show for a change and it was not because of Kelly Ripa. She had the opportunity to be a generous host to her guest, but wasn't quite up to the challenge.

Kelly's wailing and whining on the show today was an impressive display of a lack of maturity. Ms. Ripa is overly impressed by her own "stardom". I won't be tuning in again when Regis is away.

Michi said...

What kind of "professional" is Kelly Ripa? What she did today was unexcusable and I would be going WTF if this hadn't involved Clay.

If the same show had happened Friday with another guest, and she whined about it as she did today, I would be saying to her to buy a clue.

I think part of it was that she was embarrassed by the fool she made out of herself over Mario Lopez. She even forgot a cue to cut to commercial. Sure he is cute and sure she can have a favorite but a "professional" talk show host should have better sense than to gush like that when the winners could have been still in the studio.

As far as the hand over her mouth, Clay did apologize - that day and on air.

If Kelly had such a problem then she should have acted as the adult she supposedly is and settle it with him - in private.

I have a feeling Clay got the better praise for Friday's show and today's rant was all about her "saving face".

Too bad Kelly - it just served to show you for what you really are.

Not a pretty picture.

Anonymous said...

I think that Kelly had multiple options open to her and yet she chose to go public with her dirty laundry and launch into an unprofessional diatribe. There was absolutely no reason to take her displeasure public. She could have had the producer talk to Clay and his managment, she could have expressed her displeasure at Clay during a commercial, she chose to do neither. I am quite surprised by her reaction today. I have watched the fan video during the breaks and Kelly seemed to be really enjoying herself. Clay in an interview with the Insider was extremely complimentary to Kelly. I feel that she blindside Clay...While I agree that Clay shouldn't have invaded her personal space...two wrongs do not make a right

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs don't make a right. Ms. Ripa's choice to take her beef with Clay public was the epitome of unprofessional behavior. Did Clay make a mistake, yes. Did she ignore him when he asked if he could ask a question, yes? Did Clay misjudge what Kelly's reaction would be, obviously yes.

Kelly had many options at her disposal, that she chose to publically embarass and humilate Clay speaks volumes about her respect of others and her professional morals. As I said up thread, two wrongs don't make a right. In fact, Clay's was an impetuous mistake. Kelly's was well thought out and vindictive...who looks bad now?

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Totally agree with you about Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great overview of what happened. I am a Clayfan but have not seen the downloads of his guest host stint. I have never been able tolerate more than a few minutes of Ms. Ripa. Ever. Vapid AND mouthy do not work for me. I kept telling myself that I would watch it in segments, but was unable to force myself. First Clack I couldn't watch.

Now we have a public tantrum in which she mentions Howard Stern's opinion. Excuse me while I run to get pen and paper so I can take notes from the verbally prolific Ripa while the mumbly Regis sits there.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Regis & Kelly & actually used to watch when it was Regis & Kathy Lee. I loved Friday's show with co-host Clay Aiken, & I was surprised by Kelly Rippa's reaction at the time of the hand over the mouth moment. If she had laughed it off, I never would have given it a thought.

Her response today was even more unprofessional, classless & tacky. I have lost all respect for Kelly Rippa, & I am very disappointed as a fan of hers. I had no idea she was such a diva.

At this point, I'm not sure I can ever watch the show again ..... I've always enjoyed it but this has put it in a different perspective for me, sadly.

huskerfalcon said...

I agree agree agree. La Ripa is a whiny crybaby. Perfect picture, Nan!

Anonymous said...

I admire Kelly Ripa's behavior. I think this guy (I'm sorry, but I have no idea who this Clay person is) was showing completely inappropriate behavior. I'm surprised she didn't slap him.

Anonymous said...

A gracious host(ess) does not invite a guest into her home and proceed to make fun of him (Halloween skit), taunt him (cat picture) and then talk over him so that he can't get a word in edgewise. When the guest handles all of that with a sense of humor and even an apology for breaking her "rules", he apparently is considered to be a threat. Obviously we are not seeing a gracious host(ess) when we watch R&K.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Thanks for crawling out of the cave you've been living in anonymous 11:30 and making a comment about this. Sorry you're not familiar with popular culture, tv shows, and haven't read a magazine in a while. I'd really like to believe the veracity of your comment - but find it so hard to do so when you added that bit about not knowing who this Clay person is. You have to learn that less is more when pretending on the internet.

Had you actually made a comment I could believe I might have agreed that it may have been an inappropriate thing to put his hand over Kelly's mouth - but I don't think there's anything admirable about a public tantrum. But thanks for dropping by and giving us your unbiased opinion.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I was watching the same show as most of you. I thought Kelly was funny yet still polite. Clay looked like a brat with a mean streak, sho was only interested in talking about Clay,Clay, Clay.

touchstone2 said...

Ahhhh great blog!

I believe Kelly's rant this morning was ill advised on someone's part. Hers, her advisors, or her friend Howard perhaps?

Just because she may have some kind of esteem issues doesn't mean Clay should be a doormat.

Not on this planet or any other. She was the rude one. I wonder if she will ever realize it?

Thanks for the reference!

Anonymous said...

11:30, if you find Kelly's behavior commendable, it speaks volumes about your OWN character. To throw a public hissy-fit like that shows KR as childish, temperamental, egotistical and a spoiled brat.

According to the makeover lady's friend, who was backstage after the show, Clay DID apologize to Kelly for his inappropriate behavior and she accepted that apology. What part of accepting an apology constitutes rehashing the incident with over-the-top public ridicule? And how does saying, "If I can't say anything nice about someone, I won't say anything at all," and then going on an endless bashing tirade of said person validate the first part of her statement?

Kelly is a liar and a hypocrite, and CERTAINLY has no right to call anyone ELSE rude or to tell them how they should behave.

She and Howard Stern make a great pair.

Anonymous said...

What a numnut Kelly is. I became a fan on Friday as I thought the show was hilarious and they dished it out to each other. The hand over the mouth, bad mistake, he knew it immediately and felt badly but it was not vindictive and he apologized, the show went on and was still funny. I even forgave her constant jabber-jawing and reaction and not very nice comment to him.

And now this morning. What an immature whiny self centered brat. She could have had so many new fans, what an idiot.

Kat said...

I actually thought the show was funny and snarky with great banter (with the one uncomforatble moment beibng that hand-over-the-mouth, which you could see that Clay was sorry for). Never in my wildest dreams did I expect Kelly's hissy fit to Regis this morning. Now THAT was unprofessional. Waiting until Clay was not around to defend himself and THEN acting like a spoiled diva. Plus, name dropping Howard Stern? Is she kidding? Howard Stern who must have taken time off from denegrating women and fondling porn stars on his radio show or shacking up with his midlife crisis trophy child/girlfiend to call her? Puh-leeze. If she wanted validation, name dropping Howard Stern was probably the last person she should have brought up, especially to the Live demographic who I would be willing to bet, aren't exactly Stern fans.

Sory, Kelly. but Friday's show was a hoot. Sorry that you felt upstaged enough to tear it down and make a fuss. said...

I'm not sure how I arrived here. I think it was a link from TWoP. I think it's a case of two different kinds of people. Kelly Ripa would, I think, appeal to a more sophisticated audience, where Clay seems to represent the hillbilly contingent.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a Clay Blog so you're more than a little biased but Kelly did nothing wrong. Clay's behavior was outrageous from the start. He demonstrated that he was completely out of his depth and unprofessional throughout the show. He tried to make jokes at Kelly's expense that simply fell flat. Then to make matters worse he physically intruded on her personal space - imagine for one moment that someone came into your work and did that to you in front of your colleagues let along millions of TV viewers. To have someone else's hand on your face is gross. What an outrage! I know he is having difficulty publicly coming to terms with homosexuality and perhaps that heightened the stress for him I don't know. For that reason he needs our support. But that does not excuse such childish behavior.

laljeterfan said...

Thanks for your comments- and for making ALL parts of the Friday show available for viewing by anyone who hasn't seen them.

I loved the show on Friday and laughed uproariously through the whole first segement- I thought it was edgy and amusing television.The joking was going both ways, and I think Clay really enjoys that kind of "back and forth" snarkfest. Kelly's reaction to the joking "let me get a word in edgewise" gesture surprised me, as it seemed jarringly out of place, considering the previous sparring that had been going on. Her reaction on Monday's show was just pure ego and unprofessionalism. Methinks Miss Kelly is just a little bit threatened by someone coming into her territory and showing her up.

Someone, somewhere, give Clay his own talk show SOON- and give viewers a smart, funny, thoughtful alternative to "Talk Show Barbie".

Carolina Clay said...


The title of your blog entry sums this up beautifully -- Kelly Ripa was upstaged by a co-host who proved her equal in his abilities to interact with everyone on stage. Perhaps she was expecting a wimp.

Kelly couldn't take that or Clay's apology for the hand gesture, and she displayed her unprofessionalism in Monday's show by whining and sucking her thumb publicly. I wonder if her advisor, Howard Stern, outlined that strategy.

Great blog!


The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Thank you anonymous 4:11 - you are right, as Clay fans, we may be a bit biased. What you anti-Clay people cannot seem to see is how easily you show your bias with your outrageous comments. Why not just say you thought he acted unprofessionally? Who can take you seriously when you spout such vitriol? In the interest of fairness - I think it's a good idea to post your comments so that anyone can see the over-the-top comments.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

93988 - you gave me the best laugh of the morning! Kelly Ripa is the epitome of sophistication and Clay's audience is a bunch of hillbillies. Hee Haw! Thanks for sharing.

Pink Armchair said...

So, anonymous 4:11, I'm wondering how you "KNOW he is having difficulty publicly coming to terms with homosexuality." Do you know him personally, and if you do, please share! Because I have seen no actual facts to support your claim -- just a lot of innuendo from famewhores looking for hits to their websites and TV ratings.

And as far as Kelly "doing nothing wrong," he was her guest and she treated him badly, hogging the spotlight, trampling on his lines, making cruel jokes about his sexuality (that stupid American Idol parody), his phobia (pushing that cat photo in his face), and just generally being condescending. Bringing up her buddy Howard Stern pretty much said it all. Bottom line -- she expected Clay to kiss her ass and he didn't do it. Boo hoo.

And finally, 93988, I haven't heard the word "hillbilly" in any serious context since the 60s. Very funny -- have you been living in a cave? You would have had to be not to have heard of Clay Aiken.

CB said...

939888, I know Clay fans who are doctors, lawyers, PhDs and a whole series of well paid professions as well as students, stay at home Moms and people in the entertainmetn field. We welcome all comments here unless they are obvious trolls but I caution you on making yourself look so obvious with your stupidity.

Kelly gave as good as she got in that segment. I've heard from many fans of the R&K show (not Clay fans) who thought it was good TV all around. Clay is well known by his fans as being very sarcastic and he did his job within the spirit of the show. Ripa probably heard from coworkers that Clay got her good and her friends filled her head with an inflated sense of stardom. He apologized on air and some who were there noted, backstage as well. For her to accept his apology and then rant again on Monday shows a lack of professional behavior and personal class.

Anonymous 411 knows he is having difficulty publicaly coming to terms with his homosexuality? Hmmm, seems to me he has said he is straight many times and and so perhaps you are having trouble coming to terms with his heterosexuality. Straighten your skirt, honey. Your agenda is showing.

This blog will also not become a debate on Clay's sexual orientation. As he's noted, he's answered the question many times and people still believe what they want. I'll go with him and say it's a waste of our time to discuss any further.

footloose said...

anonymous 11:30/4:11, you better read this report before you make any comments on Clay's behavior. it pretty much sums it all up.

Guest Co-Host Aiken Infuriates Ripa On "Regis And Kelly"

November 21, 2006 5:38 a.m. EST

Maira Oliveira - All Headline News Reporter

New York, New York (AHN) - Don't you dare think of ever laying your hand on Kelly Ripa, or she will definitely rip you a new... well, you know.

Clay Aiken was a special guest on "Live with Regis and Kelly" on Friday, co-hosting with Kelly. But when it came time for the two to interview the winners of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," the former soap actress sat high on her throne and refused to let Clay get one word in to ask his questions.

Two minutes into the interview, the talk show diva was still yapping away like there was no tomorrow. The climax came when Clay jokingly put his hand over the obnoxious blonde's mouth, finally preventing her from speaking while he interviewed Emmit Smith and Cheryl Burke. That's when Kelly's claws really came out, telling Clay he had done a big "no-no."

She looked into the camera with smoke coming out of her ears and fumed, "Oh that's a no-no... I don't know where your hands have been."

However, the story didn't end there, and with her panties still tied up in a bunch, Kelly made sure to talk about the incident on Monday's show. She told Regis how Clay was completely disrespectful (although, if she really wants to talk about disrespect, just take a look at Michael Richards racist tirade) and demanded an apology.

However, Clay was too busy cozying up cheek-to-cheek with Tyra on "The Tyra Banks Show" and told Kelly to shove it. Okay, maybe not exactly, but we sure wish he had.

Michi said...

I know it would be a surprise to some anonymous posters, especially the ones that follow a link from TWOP to get here, but even some of Clay's fans didn't think he did everything perfect on Friday.

OMG! Could this be true? Clay's fans have minds and opinions of their own? Crap - that wrecks that easy lame line to fall back on.

There were many fans that thought that Clay overstepped the bounds during Friday's show. The thing is, they also recognized that he immediately knew he made a mistake and apologized for it.

This was his first gig at co-hosting a live tv show. How many years has Kelly been doing it? Why does Kelly bother having a guest HOST on Fridays anyway? I mean I guess they could call it guest doormat if they don't want the person to interact with her at all. For that matter, why bother with guests. She can just blather about herself which she seems to try to do anyway?

Whether some of these fans felt he made mistakes or not (newsflash - a ton of Clay's fans don't need him or believe him to be perfect), the majority agree that what Kelly did on Monday was totally OTT (that's "over the top" in Hillbilly) and very unprofessional and uncalled for.

Would these anonymous posters (11:30, 4:11) have felt the same way if it hadn't been Clay? Yes, I know 11:30 has never "heard of this Clay person".

Really, you can be honest with yourselves right? Pick your favorite actor - have him say all the things Clay said/did and then have Kelly rip into him the way she did to Clay 3 whole days later. I bet your post would be a lot different.

If you did watch Kelly's rant on Monday, did you notice that the audience didn't respond much?

Did you notice that she didn't get a whole lot of audience response today when she walked out?

Do you think the "hillbilly's" filled the audience these past two days and that explains the last two paragraphs above?

Kelly's mask slipped a bit on Monday. I think she lost some of her own fans but it was all her choice.

Anonymous said...

Friday's R&K Show with Clay was very entertaining,so what was so bad between them that made Kelly turn into a self centered diva bad mouthing the guest co host? I'm glad Regis took the high road about it all.

CB said...

Interesting today that not only did Kelly not get much applause but not one word was said about yesterday. Methinks she didn't quite get the response she was looking for.

Anonymous said...

Yep, South Jersey and hanging out with Howard Stern is the height of sophistication - yessiree.

Chardonnay said...

Thanks for this blog! I enjoyed watching him every bit as much this time around. Kelly... not so much.

Can you spell the word BACKSTABBER???

On second viewing I seriously saw the hancident as a non-issue.

What a petty, petty woman.

Anonymous said...

Kellie was Kellie as she usually is, it is her show and Clay was a guest. I am a hugh fan of Clay Aiken but I do think he was rude in putting his hand over her mouth.
He should have waited his turn to speak, if he did not get a chance to speak, at least he would have come out being the same perfect gentleman that is he. Other than that one issue..he did a wonderful guest appearance as usual. Kelly gets paid mega bucks for acting as she acts on that is all an act. She is a wonderful person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great summary of the events on the Live show. I agree with it all. I enjoyed rewatching the opening monologue. For some reason I didn't see the cat part. Did I just miss it or was it removed?

Michi said...

Anonymous 12:10, You say that Kelly's schtick on her show is just an act. Well, ok but what about the people that buy into that "act" of her being a blabbermouth or a funny, ditzy person? Isn't the usual expectation, at least on a talk show, that the host/hostess is pretty much the same person they are off stage as on? I mean acting in a soap or a movie is a bit different, you KNOW they are playing a role.

Yes, anywhere in tv you expect some acting but I think talk shows do well or don't do well based on how sincere the hosts come off - even if ditzy is what they perceive is sincere.

I am not picking on you but what you said stuck me as ironic and something that I think the general public might notice too.

The thing is, even if everyone on earth agreed that Clay shouldn't have put his hand over her mouth, it didn't warrant the diatribe that she let loose on him on Monday.

I have a feeling that is the real Kelly and I don't see that as being a wonderful person. She has a right to her feelings of course but to unleash them on national tv where the other party is not even there to defend him/herself is not a pretty sight.

I think she embarrassed herself and was called on it sometime between Friday and Monday and it was her way of attempting to save face.

Did she get paid to act like an unprofessional bitch too?

Her "call-in" to the View today tells me even more about her character. This is someone that says she is afraid of germs but has no problem licking Howie Mandel's door opener (and no, that is not an euphanism for anything else)

I think Rosie called her on her true motivations though. With Kelly having a good friend like Howard Stern, what else do you expect.

I am not saying that Kelly is evil incarnate but if Monday was the "real Kelly" well then, no thank you.

If I was that makeover winner, I would have been more offended at Kelly talking about her "taking the girls out". Way to make someone, a guest who probably has never been anywhere near a tv camera let alone have a million people watching you, feel comfortable Kelly.

Clay learns from his mistakes. Kelly - well keep talking sweetie and it will keep getting deeper.

Anonymous said...

I am a hugh fan of Clay Aiken but I do think he was rude in putting his hand over her mouth.

To 12:10: Really? Did you think it was rude of Kelly to do a skit where she tried to make Clay out to be gay whore? Did you think it was rude of Kelly to shove a picture of a cat into Clay's face knowing that he has a phobia to cats? Did you think it was rude of Kelly to monopolize the interview with the guests? Did you think it was rude of Kelly to show such favoritism to Mario at the expense of Emmit and his partner? Did you think it was rude of Kelly to grind her ass into Mario's crotch? Did you think it was rude of Kelly to accept Clay's apology after the show and then go on a bitchfest on Monday's show?

I'm really anxious to hear your definition of "rude" and what constitutes "a wonderful person." I'm having a bit of a problem in taking you seriously.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. I watched Friday show in its entirety only because Clay was co-hosting. I enjoyed the show and found the whole mood rather funny. Rather either Kelly or Clay acted appropriately or not, I thought it was all in good fun. Lighten up people! I do not see what the big deal is. However, what the big deal is is for Kelly to turn around and lashed out at Clay on national TV. I found it to be rude, unprofessional and definitely not classy, especially when Clay have already apologized and Kelly accepted his apology. I feel Kelly abused her previlige of having a public forum. I think it's her turn now to apologize to Clay for her harsh comment and her inappropriate behaviour during Friday show. I don't think you should treat any guest the way she did.

CB said...

It all comes down to motivation for me. Clay's motivation was to try to be funny and he misread her ability to go with it. Kelly's motivation was to make Clay look bad.

If you think she is such a wonderful person anonymous 12:10, how come you can't seem to decide how to spell her name.

Anonymous said...

I had not seen the whole segment until now. Previously I had only seen the clip on UTube of Clay putting his hand over her mouth. Now that I have seen the whole thing and can respond objectively, it appears to me that Kelly has the problem, not Clay. He was his usual funny, adoring self and I thought they had good vibes going until the hand incident. Her rant on Monday was totally off base. She comes across as a spoiled brat to be honest. I also find it interesting that any other talk show host Clay has been on with has loved Clay. Kelly, it is time to get a grip and acknowledge your overblown response. And perhaps Kelly should find other friends besides Howard Stern who is hardly a champion of chivalrous entertainment. On the otherhand, Clay has always been a perfect gentleman.

Anonymous said...

when Howie Mandell was on the show Kelly licked the gadget he uses to open doors to avoid touching knobs which are presumably full of germs.

Anonymous said...

Great blog entry. I can't believe Kelly complained about germs, when only one week previous she licked germophobe Howie Mandell's doorhandle-opening tool! What a hypocrite. I hope she burns for this one.

I want to also point out how she tortured Clay Aiken with that cat photo, when it clearly bothered him. Talk about a lack of respect.

Linda said...

[quote]93988 - you gave me the best laugh of the morning! Kelly Ripa is the epitome of sophistication and Clay's audience is a bunch of hillbillies. Hee Haw! Thanks for sharing.[/quote]

I think your agenda might be showing just a tad. If Kelly Ripa is the epitome of sophistication - then I will head for the hills. She is the epitome of the shallowness she sees when she looks into the mirror of her soul.
She is very unhappy with herself, that is the only reason for her dislike of Clay. I have sensed that from the very end of AI2. She may as well learn to deal with it, because Clay is going to be here for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

I think Kelly Ripa owes an apology to Clay Aiken for her "disrepectful" tirade on National TV. NBC and the producers of Regis & Kelly should be ashamed of her.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the videos and can't belive how Kelly is over reacting to the whole thing. Seems like she is jealous of not being in the spotlight. If she would watch the video over again of the beginning, she wouldn't need to ask where Clay's hand had been. She would of saw that Clay was holding her hand on their way out. Also to bring up the whole thing again on Mondays show on live TV was unprofessional of her. If you have something to say to someone, say it to their face. It should of been taken care of Friday and forgotten about by Monday. Since she can't do her own hair or make-up, she feels like her mouth is the only thing going for her. Isn't it insured for big bucks ??????????? She is so annoying to watch. Im sure she knows the fans of the show are there for Regis and not her.

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal? Whoever wrote this article is acting like Kelly went completely off on Clay. She didn't. It was very inappropriate for him to put his hand over her mouth. She only said "I don't know where your hands have been". I understand that completely. Don't put your hands on my face, let alone mouth no matter who you are.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Ah anonymous 9:11 AM - would that that were true. I guess you missed the Monday tirade where she berated him without his being there and where she continued the next day on The View. Guess you missed the fact that she has put her hands all over Regis's mouth and didn't think anything about it. Guess you missed the whole story. But that's OK. It was a big nothing until Kelly made it into something. So you really aren't missing much.

LynseyFS said...

"Kelly Ripa gets upstaged...and sucks her thumb"

What a perfect title for a piece about a spoiled little diva who desparately needs a time out.

Anonymous said...

Great story....We have to remember that the draw to this show originally was its ability to capture the audience with the hometown show structure and the rapore between co-hosts that was perceived as genuine, way back with Kathie. Kathie at least paid her dues as a singer wherever she could, even small clubs, etc. Their banter worked and they were respectful of eachother, each knowing where to draw the line. Kathie went off at times with her speaches, but then the show would go on. Whether you liked her or not didn't matter because it was funny. The point is, this Kelly has no sense of comedy, timing, or class. She hasn't really done anything. Regis doesn't enjoy the fact that he can't really play well off her. You can just tell he isn't happy. Kelly spends too much time making her stupid not funny points, dragging them out until you just can't stand it, which is every time she opens her stupid mouth. No matter how hard she is shoved down our throats, it just isn't going to work. The show sucks now. I hope this incident is the catalyst in getting rid of Kelly the Ripper.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Kelly Ripa! She tries to be funny but it comes off as being insulting. I'm glad people can see thru her being so fake. Get rid of her.

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to bitch slap Ripa...she is the most annoying idiot on T.V. (well okay Elisabeth hasslebeck is right up there with her) She is like listening to scraping nails on a chalkboard. I can't stand the way she always brags about her wonderful getaways at the Hamptons...nothing against the Hamptons...but it's boring to listen to her talk about it all the time. I hope the show folds now that Regis is gone...she is just too annoying for words.