Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kelly Hipa-Crite

So much material. So little time to read. We are breaking the blog up to make it easier to manuever through the hypocrisy. To view Part I and see the clips -- click Kelly Ripa Gets Upstaged -- and sucks her thumb.

It seems The Insider entertainment program was backstage after Friday's taping. They asked Clay Aiken what he thought of the show. Here's the clip.

Hmmm, I ask again...who was unprofessional through this whole thing?

Another few things worthy of note. When Kelly Ripa first mentioned Clay's name yesterday, it was met with huge cheers in an audience that was not filled with Clay fans. Her rant was met with dead silence.

On Tuesday's show, her entrance was not met with much applause and not.one.word. of Monday's incident was mentioned. Methinks Kelly's ego bubble got a huge pin prick after viewer response yesterday. I wonder if her publicist did a little google searching. Waves.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, Ripa (who must have locked her publicist in the bathroom) called into The View after Rosie O'Donnell talked about the event. Rosie was trying to say that Ripa thinks Clay Aiken is gay and so that explained her reaction. For the record, Rosie did not "out" Clay. He has said he is straight when he chose to address the issue in the past and recently said he is tired of fighting the fight and will not address it anymore since people will believe what they want to believe. Rosie believed Ripa thinks Clay is gay and that her reaction reflected that. Ripa acted like a banshee at that point.

Her excuse for her reaction was that it was cold and flu season. Oh please. Did your publicist come up with that lame "My dog ate my homework" reason once you saw the backlash in Monday's emails?

I guess she forgot the day germ freak Howie Mandel was on the show and showed her this gadget he uses to open doors because he's afraid of germs and she LICKED it.

Oh and Kelly. If it is cold and flu season, I guess Regis will be calling in sick. Hypocrite much?

If Mario had put any body parts over your mouth, you would have opened your mouth wider than a person having their teeth cleaned. Your excuse is so lame you completely overlook the fact that Clay used his left hand and he doesn't shake hands with that one. But logic wasn't playing a part in your tirade was it?

She claims Clay Aiken didn't thank her for the show. Um Kelly, see the last Youtube clip in this blog from The Insider.

Just how often are you going to make claims that can be refuted with actual on camera proof?

The media will have a field day spinning this as a Ripa/Rosie feud or as a Ripa/Clay feud. The truth is a funny guy went on a morning talk show known for its sharp banter back and forth between cohosts and played the role perfectly. He made a minor faux pas in an attempt to be funny and apologized. Ripa was ungracious to her guest cohost, ungracious to the winners of Dancing with the Stars and missed at least one if not two cues to a commercial that Clay picked up for her. She then chose for God knows what reason to make much ado about nothing. The question is why? Ratings? It is sweeps week. I can't believe she'd act like such a shrew for so long just for that but then again, when you over estimate a your popularity, that's what happens.

Do you think Kelly was thinking "This picture is being taken in February and in 9 months Clay will do this to me and I will make a BIG DEAL about it being bad." Ummm, Kelly . . . Hipo-Crite much?

Yesterday we wrote: My dream scenario? Clay puts his hand over the mouth of his copresenter tonight on the American Music Awards. Well they did even better!

Even Jimmy Kimmel, Tori Spelling and the American Music Award writers recognize this is a sitution worthy of mockery.

Can't get enough of the Ripa Hipa-Crite? Visit Kelly Ripa - A Coward By Any Other Name and Hands To Mouths. . . Across America

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touchstone2 said...

Oh that's not the worst of it.

Not trying to famewhore, but I don't know how to post a link in comments.

Check my blog for more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pictures and telling it like it is. It's too bad 'professional journalists' don't do the same kind of homework before 'reporting' NEWS.

marlee said...

I really appreciate the efforts you've gone to to expose Kelly Rippa for the liar that she is. It's obvious that this is about more than the old hand over the mouth....as Rosie said, it's very odd.

barb said...

OMG! I hope its okay if I post this screen cap all over the place because I am. I had forgotten about Kelly licking my Howie's gadget, but you are right. Also, recall when Howie and Clay were on Leno together? They are my 2 favorites and I was so happy they were on together, and I noticed when Clay came onstage he bumped fists with Howie so I knew he obviously was aware Howie doesn't shake hands. Undoubtedly he would have shown Kelly the same courtesy had she made it known she is a germaphobe, which she obviously only is when it suits her.

Anonymous said...

I hope this screencap goes everywhere!! Although it shows her for the big fat liar that she is, I doubt serious journalist will have the balls to post it. They are not known for their integrity anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rosie didn't just say that Kelly "thinks" that Clay is GAY. Rosie said, "To me, that's a homophobic remark." Rosie also said, "If that was a straight man", Kelly wouldn't have minded.

Pink Armchair said...

Hypocrite indeed! That "cold and flu season excuse" was so lame...sounds like something she and her publicist (who must be DOA at this point) came up with when her little rant didn't get the response she hoped for.

And 10:53, I understand Rosie was jet-lagged today and probably stumbled over her words. I did appreciate her standing up for him.

Sarah said...

These were Rosie O'Donnell's exact words:

"To me, that’s a homophobic remark. If that was a straight man, if that was a cute man, if that was a guy who she didn’t question his sexuality, she would have said a different thing."

Rosie told Kelly that this was her view as a "gay woman" and that Kelly's view would be totally different.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Thanks Sarah . . . I guess what Rosie was saying was that if KELLY didn't question his sexuality, if Kelly thought he was straight and cute - she'd be all over him like a cheap suit . . . or like Mario Lopez. In any case - COMMENTS -- we ain't turning this into a discussion about Clay's sexual identity. He identifies as straight. You are all welcome to your opinion but that's all it is. This is about rudeness and dishonesty and using a show as a sledge hammer to discredit someone's reputation - a neophyte. Shame on Kelly. That's all that it is.

Sharon said...

What a fantastic blog. Love seeing the truth right out in the open. I hope this gets sent to every media outlet there is. Oh wait... it is!

Kelly is the laughing stock and will continue to be after her whining and Diva bitchfest. She can't stand that anyone is way more popular than she ever could dream to be.

I think she needs to loosen the Barbie crown she is wearing. It's a bit too tight for her ego!

Love it! Thank you ladies.

rosie said...

Forget the "old" pictures from Feb. I just saw a pic of Kelly's hands on Regis from Nov.30,2006. That's just 3 weeks ago ! What the hell is wrong with her? And here I always thought she was a clever girl. My mistake.

Shell said...

Ewwww, she stuck her fingers in her mouth and then wiped them all over Regis' face. What a hypocrite to now claim she was worried about germs.

Anonymous said...

Check out Kelly with Simon Cowell on this blog I made.

Anonymous said...

How about Kelly hypocrite chewing gum already chewed by Jimmy Kimmel? Any explanations from her on that.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Kelly Ripa today on the wedding show? She lookes like a scarecrow draped in a rag. Feed this woman! I'm surprised she didn't want to come down the aisle with the bride.