Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sacrificial Love

This week marks the season finale of Dancing with the Stars. I enjoy watching the show because years ago my husband and I took dancing lessons at a Fred Astaire studio before we got married. We thought we were pretty good. We especially enjoyed the Rhumba...quick, quick, slow...quick, quick, slow. Now I realize just how elementary we were.

When Clay Aiken released his latest album called On My Way Here, I had it on constant repeat. It's easily his best work and one of the best pop albums I've heard in awhile. There are great uptempo numbers but there are a couple of ballads that immediately created a DWTS picture in my head. A rhumba to Something About Us and a beautiful waltz to Sacrificial Love. The song is heartache personified.

Someone very talented must have had the same thoughts I did about Sacrificial Love because they created this glorious waltz montage to this season's best dancers. It's expertly edited and exactly what I had envisioned. Get out of my head, will ya?

I'd love to see Clay perform on next season's show. I'd really love to see him reunite with Ruben Studdard on this season's American Idol finale but it seems the show turned him down. I'll never understand that, he's the embodiment of everything the show set out to do, before it became jaded. American singer who couldn't get a record deal so was prepared to live his life as an educator in the classroom and sing for a hobby. And now, he's a pop star, a multi-talented entertainer and an educator around the world for UNICEF. The American (Idol) dream, right? And yet, the show that bragged about finding the best new talent won't let him appear. I wish someone could explain that one to me.

But I won't ponder it for very long. I'll listen to the beautiful Sacrificial Love and then I'll put on Everything I Don't Need and listen to Clay get his funk on.

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Anonymous said...

I already loved the song Sacrificial Love but this visual takes it to a whole different level. So moving and beautiful.