Friday, May 09, 2008

Clay, Mo and Benihana

Clay Aiken and Mo Rocca sat down for a bite to eat and an interesting anthropology discussion about the cultural aspects of the Clay Nation. I'm not using that Claymate word because it will trigger the Knights of Ni.

The interview ended up like two guys chatting around a table. Mo was funny, Clay was witty and the laughter was contagious. Things we learned in this interview.

1. Clay can't use chopsticks and thinks that fork has three syllables
2. Mo doesn't know the that edamame are soybeans, not peas
3. Mo likes Clay's new album.
4. Clay fans are nomadic omnivores that don't sleep. We also have our "cycles" in synch. (The latter sentence sent both men into a fit of laughter.) We can use tools but not the phone.

Now, Clay travels with two female backup singers (who are fabulous) and he knows a thing or two about cycles being in synch. Witness this concert last summer in Sterling Heights, the first minute is hilarious.

I guess our new theme song is Bleeding Love.

Dear Mo, please tell Jon Stewart how funny Clay is. He's a political junkie and I think a Southern Baptist who is also a Democrat and an activist would make a great interview. Jon would find him well informed and very, very funny.

Here's Mo's blog. Make sure you don't snort out loud.

Clay Aiken and Benihana.

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