Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a Difference a Decca Makes

As we countdown to Clay Aiken's album dropping on June 1st, I think most fans are still trying to get used to all these constant teasers of songs, tidbits of information, firsts class PBS special, beginnings of videos for viral marketing and just overall respect from his record label. And the full scale promotion hasn't even started yet. I can now forget he who shall not be named and the old label that I've always said should be a Harvard Business Review case study in how to boot the marketing of a sure thing.

Why?-because someone finally gets it. And pretty soon the whole world is going to get it, again. They are going to remember why they liked Clay Aiken in the first place. They are going to wonder why he hasn't had been allowed to explode in song like this before, probably because they never even know about his last album.

Here's a taste of some of the music, the great arrangements and the voice that launched a thousand redials on my cell phone just about seven years ago this month. (If you get a Rufus Wainwright video, just hit refresh.)

Clay said in that video that they chose songs from the best singers of our time. Perhaps that's because he's the best singer of HIS time.

Want to pre-order the album? You've got all kinds of options.

Go to itunes and hear snippets from the tracks plus a bonus song of You Don't Have to Say You Love Me. If you're like me, you want instant gratification at midnight on June 1st.

Go to Live Nation and pre-order the album and get an immediate download of Suspicious Minds.

Go to Amazon and have your choice of an album, a deluxe album with two bonus songs or a DVD.

The album is up on other sites including Best Buy and Barnes and Noble too.

Thank you, Decca. Thank you for fulfilling a lot of my wish list blog back in October right down to the non use of that Claymate tag. Thank you for the foot tapping at my desk when I can't get a 30 second snippet out of my brain. Thank you for the smile that lights up Clay's face more than usual. Thank you for getting it.

UPDATE 5-27-2010
Check out the new (and very nicely done) Clay Aiken fanclub site. It has three full songs from the new album and snippets from all of Clay's albums.


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IamMesmerized said...

And thank YOU for saying it so well.

I had lost music until Clay brought me back and I'll be here forever!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video. I love Clay Aiken and his fine tuned instrument!

SueReu said...

I love Clay's fine tuned instrument too!!! Unchained Melody is better than I remembered. It's not often that a recorded song is just as good as a live performance - but I truly do believe that Decca and everyone involved has made Tried and True, well, a masterpiece.


Thanks, I loved your blog!