Thursday, May 06, 2010

Back in Town

You know when you have a great experience and you try to hold the memory in your mind as time tries to erase it? The more time that elapses, the more it fades and at some point you wonder if it was even as good as you remembered it. Was I just caught up in the moment? Did I have a bad week and that was just something better than everything else?

Back in March, I wrote a blog describing a trip to Raleigh where we saw the taping of Clay Aiken’s PBS Tried and True: Live! concert special, which will air in August of this year. Fans have described it as the OMG concert because that’s the phrase that punctuated the Memorial Auditorium in words, thoughts and exhausted but excited chatter well into the early morning hours back at the hotel.

I tried to focus on the fact that the album drop date is right around the corner on June 1st. I focused on the Ticketmaster Tango for his upcoming Timeless tour with friend, Ruben Studdard. I must have done a pretty good job of describing the Raleigh event and its sound of big band with a modern twist because my husband agreed to attend the show in Foxwoods.

But every few days, someone who wasn’t there asks us to describe the concert. What was that new note like in Unchained Melody? How did Clay and Linda Eder sound in their duet of Crying? People who know Clay has a great voice figured we were exaggerating when we say he never sounded better.

International Media is producing the PBS special for Decca Records. Today, they gifted us with a three minute montage of some of the highlights. (They did not include the aforementioned songs; it might be too much to handle.) What I love is that the band is just as into it as the audience. Hang on to your headphones and give a listen.

Oh and Clive? Who’s Sorry Now…

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Cam said...

This is so true! This snippet of the OMG concert brings back the feeling of that evening. WOW! What a night that was. And there is so much more. I can't wait until the PBS Special airs and we can get that DVD.

Anonymous said...

The man is amazing!! I love everything about this so far!

Carole said...

Corabeth, wonderful, wonderful blog! You said it all. Thank you.


Jenna said...

Incredible and amazing performance. I was there and Clay blew the roof off the place. What a magical night! Thanks for the great blog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog corabeth! the man is fanfreakinfantastic!! WOW is all I can say!!!


I watched the video a thousand times, I love it. Thanks for your blog.


Rhode Island Fan said...

What a wonderful blog.
Like you, I felt that I might have just dreamed the whole concert--it was that amazing. So glad to see the video and know that it was every bit as fantasic as I remembered.

Cannot wait for the CD and the PBS show and the tour!! Bring it on, Clay Aiken!!