Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When UNICEF's Clay Aiken Aims to Save A Child's Life, It's Nothing But Net

Pop singer and UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken appears in a new video featured on the UNICEF FieldNotes blog, Clay Aiken: Give the gift of growing up . In footage shot during his recent field visit to Somalia, Aiken demonstrates how insecticide treated bed nets provided by UNICEF are being used to protect children from malaria, a mosquito-borne disease that causes one million deaths a year among children under five in sub-Saharan Africa alone.

Malaria kills one child every thirty seconds, but the disease is both preventable and treatable.

Watch the video, then learn how easy it is for you to help give a child the gift of growing up.

The bed net needed to save a child's life costs just $10, including transportation, distribution and education on its use.

Just $10 --- the price of a couple of gourmet coffee drinks.

By acting now, your gift of $10 or more can help UNICEF save twice as many children. $50 will now save ten children instead of five; $500 will save one hundred.

Act now. Here's more:

Malaria No More's mission is simple: to end deaths due to malaria. This fall, Malaria No More has presented the U.S. Fund for UNICEF with a Challenge Match Grant of $1 million dollars to support the purchase of bed nets, their delivery,and education on their proper use in malaria-endemic countries in Africa. The grant will match each donation made to battle this childhood killer, dollar for dollar, thus working twice as hard to support UNICEF's malaria prevention and treatment programs.

Okay, then --- game on.

Donate now and join Clay Aiken, UNICEF and Malaria No More in defeating this killer of children. The task might be insurmountable for you or for me alone, but by joining together, it's a simple thing to save the life of a child.

Ten dollars.

Easy layup.

Nothing but net.

UNICEF: Whatever it takes to save a child.

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Anonymous said...

This young man(Clay Aiken) is a gift to the children of world.

gerra said...

A very good cause. Thanks for the great blog.

dee said...

Excellent appeal on behalf of children by Clay Aiken plus great news about the partnership between Malaria No More and UNICEF .

Thanks for spreading the word .

Nothing but net . I love it .

Anonymous said...

I donated. Thanks for the reminder.

Gotta love that Clay. He keeps our focus on what's important in this world.

Corabeth said...

My oh my berk. I think you could write snappy marketing sound bites.

Clay Aiken has always wanted to make a difference and 5.5 years later, he's still walking the talk.

Pink Armchair said...

This is wonderful, berk.

Love it.

Off to donate.

Carolina Clay said...

Great news that malaria deaths can be eradicated. Clay's UNICEF video is the perfect tool for spreading the word.

Thank you for making this your blog's focus.


katy said...

Excellent blog. Help save a child's life and donate to UNICEF. Clay Aiken is letting people know about this lifesaving gift.