Monday, September 22, 2008

Clay Fans and Clay Aiken Conquer Spamalot

Well - I changed up the title of the article on because I just don't use the term "Claymates". But it's a great article definitely worth reading in full.

"Spamalot is a musical-comedy that embraces the absurd and delights in the unusual. As a recording artist, Aiken clearly has the vocal capacity to interpret any number of musical roles (one fan suggested "Pippin"). That said, that Aiken has chosen to come to Broadway and return to Broadway in this comedy says a great deal for his willingness not to take himself too seriously. His fans' enthusiasm and joy in his performance suggest that Broadway should enjoy taking Clay Aiken very seriously indeed. Like Fantasia igniting The Color Purple, or Reba transforming Annie Get Your Gun!, Clay fits Sir Robin and Spamalot like a glove."

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Anonymous said...

I too love that article! Maybe they're starting to understand that someone who is still selling CD's and touring and has the loyal fanbase of Clay's without any radio play IS someone special and has that fanbase for a reason?? (I think some need a solid clunk in the head for that idea to make it into a thick stubborn brain). BTW: Claymate is not my favorite term either, but to each their own

dee said...

Clay Aiken definitely does not take himself too seriously and that makes the Spamalot glove fit easily .

Thanks for the article .