Friday, January 04, 2008

Hair Today

Sally's Beauty Shop supposedly surveyed Americans for the “Best Tressed”. I think it's a cheap PR stunt to get their name out there since they actually paid good money to put that on PRNewswire. (Just for that, I'm not giving them a tag in this there.)I've been to Sally's, you can get 42,000 emery boards for $1.50 but the people behind the counter have purple hair styled with 3 gallons of gel. Now, there's a walking billboard for their products...only not. They voted the best men as
Denzel Washington
Johnny Depp
Patrick Demsey

and the worst as
Kid Rock
Clay Aiken
Zac Efron.

My first reaction to that list was to laugh out loud. Let's examine why.

Denzel: A really good actor who I knew would be a star since St. Elsewhere. But best tressed? What's his hairstyle called? Short? I think even his wife could cut this hairstyle with an Epilady and not mess it up.

Johnny Depp: Isn't he known for having messy hair most of the time? Or hidden under a hat?

Or a bandanna? Yoohoo, eyes up here. (And there is nothing subliminal about the fact that I first typed banana.)

Ok, I get it, I get it.

Patrick Dempsey: I don't follow Grey's Anatomy so I'm not up on McHairy except when I notice his pictures in magazines. I think sometimes he has too much.

But then he has just enough. Very much the hair that makes you want to finger style it. And hope that your fingers get stuck.

So now let's examine the hair that competed with Clay for worst tressed.

Kid Rock:
Most of the time, he's got a hat on too. But I think it is because he doesn't own a comb or shampoo. And he's probably thinning on the top a bit too. Based on this mug shot from The Smoking Gun, apparently he hasn't had good hair in a very long time.

And you wouldn't believe how many disgusting pictures of Pamela Anderson I had to go through to find a picture of him. Will somebody let the air out of her tires, already?

Zac Efron: Meh,he's got that long messy hair that all teens have right now.

Yikes, I think I had that hair cut early last year when my new hairdresser kept talking and cutting.

My only problem with Zac is that a guy who stars in a show called High School Musical should be able know, SING.

Now, let's do Clay. Yeah, yeah, get in line. Get your brushes out of the gutter, I meant let's review Clay's hair. Sure, he's had a couple of not so good hair days most noted by the “Look ma, I tried to tame that cowlick by simply forcing it in the other direction” hair.

And then there was the winning entry in the “cut your cousin's hair using a bowl” contest. Yes, I know this was for a gag but it sort of looked like that when he sat on a horse visiting Jimmy Kimmel.

But most of the year was pretty good.

Channeling McCartney.

And let's not forget the Afghani Prince.

We got the brown hair of highlighted goodness for the summer tour.

And finally at the end of the year, was the Christmas tour starring Joseph and the head of many colors.




For the first four months of the year, his hair will be under a wig while he stars as Sir Robin on Broadway in Monty Python's Spamalot so Sally can just go pick on someone else.

Although, when he looks this good and this happy (from a candid taken Monday at his Bubel/Aiken Foundations's Golfing for Inclusion at Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach), it seems a shame to hide it under a wig.

Read Clay's special blog on the Monty Python's Spamalot site here.

The sad thing is? This is not my first blog about hair.

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claymedmyheart said...

You're too funny! Someone needed to rip on Sally for their "Best Tressed/Worst Tressed". In the word's of Simon Cowell: totally SHAM-BOLIC!! I agree that Clay's hair was mostly GREAT in 2007. And since its starting to get so long, maybe he won't have to hide it under a wig in Spamalot afterall??? ;D