Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Boys of Summer

And in the Dead of Winter, Baseball beckons. I love that statement. I have my Red Sox Nation card in my wallet right next to my Clay Nation fanclub card.

The Red Sox are in Spring Training right now, getting ready for a new season with some old players and some new players. And one Jason Varitek with thighs of steel. I love Varitek.

In addition to being very good at his catching job, he's smooth when talking to the press and he also has a great sense of humor. He recently told newly acquired Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka that it is an American tradition for the pitcher to carry the catcher's gear on the field. He finally had to tell him through a translator that he was just kidding. He eats applesauce between innings and anyone who knows me knows I love applesauce. MrNan does too. His eating habits are like mine and my husband's are more like Nan's. We may have married the wrong men. How did she end up with the Clay fan?

And in the Dead of Winter, Clay beckons.....with a summer tour. Clay Aiken's fanclub announced today that he will be releasing information about a summer tour in a few days. Good thing I gave up that raise for an extra week's vacation. I'd like to think Clay's going to have some old players and some new players too.Clay is a lot like Varitek. He's very good at his job, he is smooth when talking to the media or being on TV and he has an even snarkier sense of humor. He can't throw though. Varitek has a rifle. That's OK, I've seen enough pictures and video to tell me that Clay has a.....sword.

Varitek doesn't take any crap as evidenced here and neither does Clay as evidenced by his request to give a a the tabloids and gossip bloggers in his last fanclub blog.

There is something about the roar of a crowd all cheering for the same thing. Whether it is the slow roar as everyone stands to watch a late inning comeback home run from David Ortiz arc its way into the visitor's bullpen or the all at once roar that happens as Clay makes a grand entrance from the back of the venue or from underneath a rising staircase, you feel a part of something grand. When Clay tours, the excitement in the crowd is palpable. This tour promises across the US so many who haven't been able to see Clay in a pop concert will get to feel the hair rise on the back of their neck as the anticipation swells over the crowd like a wave. I can't describe it and I've seen many other artists in concert. My brain goes into a different place. It's like a revival And no two concerts are alike, thanks to his gift of improv-like comedy.

I've been a Red Sox fan for as long as I can remember. It's part of who I am. I cried long distance tears over the phone with my Dad when they finally won the World Series. When they were down 3 games to the Yankees, there were signs all over New England that said BELIEVE. I feel the same way about what 2007 has in store for Clay. I believe. He'll feed his soul this month and next with his charity work and then he'll begin the fresh start he spoke of in his New Year's message. The Red Sox will do the same. I do believe a Fenway Frank may cost more than a Clay Aiken ticket since they keep picking up so many expensive players. And now..nooow.....nowww..noowww, playing left field..field..field....Andy Abad.

I hope to travel to other parts of the country this year to see Clay's summer tour. You see, I need to see my other family. My Clay Nation family. Despite our differences, we all come together to celebrate the man and his voice. Even he noted it, in this September interview.

It's hard to explain. I found a clip from the baseball movie Fever Pitch where Jimmy Fallon's character tries to explain it to Drew Barrymore. The last line says it all.

And in the dead of winter.....Clay beckons......

Come hear me sing.

I wonder if he likes applesauce.

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rayofhope said...

[b]Clay in a pop concert will get to feel the hair rise on the back of their neck as the anticipation swells over the crowd like a wave.[/b] The above quote caught my attention. I've been to many concerts and seen some of the greats, but Clay is the only one for whom I've had this reaction. I've only seen him three times and it happened every concert. There is electricity in the air.

snarkylicious said...

Wow- My two loves in the same blog. Even though I am a die hard WHITE sox fan, I LOVED your blog. Only a baseball fan can truly explain the simularities between our love of Clay and baseball. Can you smell the freshly mowed grass? I cannot wait for Opening Day and the very first concert of the Summer of Clay 2007. Thank you for putting my sentiments into words. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

We have a!!! My other passion is baseball, too, but for a rival Am. League team...Cleveland! (BTW...we DO understand Manny Ramirez...completely...after all , he grew up with us, quirks and all!!)

I can so relate to how you compared your fav player to OUR fav performer. Have you ever met Jason? I met Orel Hershisher 3 years ago...after trying to say "Hi" for 9 was surreal!! Clay is actually very similar to him in many ways...physically, spiritually, humorously, intelligently...guess they are just my type!!!

I just love having these two passionate pastimes...they feed my soul, energize me and almost always leave a smile on my face! Now...since the drought ended for your World Series bid, it is NOW our turn...Go TRIBE , BRING IT ON. CLAY!!!

PuddinsJoy said...

Bravo CB! I'm projecting "Albert Pujols" into the Varitek mentions - diehard Cardinals fan here (no hard feelings - best team definitely won in '04 and the best team definitely won in '06!)
Your comparison between the swell of the crowd and craning necks is spot-on! Clay will be phenomenal -there's no one like him - and baseball will be phenomenal. It's going to be an amazing summer of love! Can't wait to reconnect with both families along the way!

Anonymous said...

I love my Red Sox,AND my Clay, too!! Grew up just a few miles from Fenway! Hope they both win big this year!!

beauzzartz said...

A tour is being announced in a few days? WhooHooo! I've been "underground" working on Seussical but I decided to check in tonight and boy am I glad I did! Even though I haven't been Conclayve "connected" for awhile, Clay follows me around in my Ipod and on my cell phone daily. Each day, at some random moment, Clay's "Can't live" cuts through the sound of a circular saw and someone yells "Beauzz, Clay's calling". Cracks me up every time.

Cori, when you think of baseball, I connect this time of year with long sprouts inching their way upward, getting stronger as they elongate, encouraged by the warmth of the sun. Makes me think of Clay concert time! :)