Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Mark Burnett,

I was reading my news online this evening and noticed an article by Reuters about a new singing competition show that is being produced by Mark Burnett for NBC. The same Mark Burnett that brought Survivor, The Apprentice and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader to TV.

The article notes that in this case, the judges would also serve as coaches and would be four currently popular performing artists. The cool thing about it is that the contestants would have to perform while the coaches had their backs to them; because in the end you have to have the voice before you have anything else. Hence, the title of the show is The Voice.

It would be great to actually find singers who can sing live. So many of today’s most popular singers are pro-tooled within an inch of their life. So, as soon as I read that article I wanted to find Mark Burnett’s phone number and text him four letters…C L A Y. But something tells me that Mr. Burnett’s number is unlisted so in today’s electronic age, I am composing this internet plea.

Dear Mr. Burnett,

*You will need a recognizable name to both the music audience and the television audience. Who better than the person who helped put American Idol on the map in 2003 and became a household name? And how sweet would it be to give Idol a run for their money with one of their own.

*The article states that the coaches will have to perform too. How about a guy who had to sing live under pressure for sixteen weeks? Have you seen some of the music award shows lately and heard these people without their autotune? He’s got the years of experience performing on live television as an entertainer, a talk show guest with comedic flair and even a co-host.

*You’ll need someone to bring ratings and Clay Aiken brought pretty big ratings to your Fifth Grader show when he was on during celebrity week. Think of the buzz of him competing against the show that gave him his start.

*You need someone who can help your contestants as both a judge and a coach. Clay served in this role for David Foster’s Star Search and did a great job. He was funny, he was insightful and he gave sound advice from a perspective that only one performer can give to another. Plus, who better to help them go from being an ordinary citizen to handling sudden fame?

*He’s a touring machine and could offer exposure to your contestants as a potential opening act.

As an added bonus, you’ll get a fandom that is very organized, tech savvy and loyal.

All I ask is that you give him a stylist who has a personal aversion to spiked hair. This look will do.

How 'bout it, Mark?

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kta said...

Lol, Clay would make a fantastic judge wouldn't he. :)

Gramma Jean said...

Please tell me this letter was sent!

Anonymous said...

great idea

BJMPNX said...

What a great show for Clay to be on. He would fill the bill in every concept. Hope if letter not sent it was atleast put on Twitter or Facebook..someone would maybe contact Mark Burnett about it hopefully...

omc1313 said...

I wouldn't miss a show. The ratings would go through the roof if Clay was on.

I sure hope this reaches the right people.

Kay said...

Mr. Burnett,

If you're reading this, why not start the show with a built in audience. If Clay is on it, his fans are there with him. He would be terrific.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Clay would be fantastic. I hope that Mark Burnett reads about this and does something about it!

stpteach said...

Oh, if nothing else, let us hope it happens for the sake of the hair stylist! Hee! Now, if someone could just point this in Mark Burnett's direction!

gidge said...

Amen and Amen!!!! this would be

Anonymous said...

Mark Burnett Productions
640 North Sepulveda Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049.
Phone: 310-903-5400
Fax: 310-903-5555

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I hope Mark Burnett see this -- Clay would be fantastic! An amazing one-of-a-kind singer, witty & humorous, good-looking, knows talent and would judge with his heart. And, right, he would come with his own audience! Thanks for writing this, Corabeth.

Google won't let me sign in -- pffft!
--ClaySTO said...

I was so hoping that this blog would have a Facebook widget installed on it so that I could send it directly to my FB page.

Great post, Corabeth. You are right on the money. Clay would be GREAT on such a show.
I hope this blog makes its way to Mark Burnett somehow.

susan said...

Clay Aiken is a perfect choice for a judge and coach. He lived The Voice. He is The Voice.

kit said...

Clay would be a phenomenal coach and judge. He's got it all! Great singer, great personality, funny as all get out. I can't think of anyone who would bring more viewers in than Clay Aiken. Both his current fans and his former fans would be there in droves.

How could Mark Burnett resist this idea? Let's make sure Corabeth's beautifully written letter reaches him.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!!!!! Not only would I watch every show, but I would record it too!! Mr Burnett if you do receive this letter, please make it a reality!!

Anonymous said...

Clay is the perfect person to be on your show...Clay would be a phenomenal coach and judge. He is the voice!!!!
he is my choice for this new show.. i certainly would watched this show faithfully...