Saturday, February 21, 2009

Come Sail Away

Clay Aiken and RCA Records have parted ways. I and many in the fandom couldn’t be happier. There have long been rumors that Clay has been trying to get out of his contract. You might recall how I feel about the myriad of ways that RCA blew it when it came to Clay’s recording career. They never chose the right single after Invisible. His promotion was not worthy of a multi platinum seller. Actually, his promotion was not worthy of a new, unknown artist never mind one who has sold nearly six million albums. RCA plays with its artists the way a puppet master plays with a marionette. All one has to do is look at Kelly Clarkson’s career to see another example.

I’m sailing away, set an open course for the Virgin Sea
Cuz I’ve got to be free, free to face the life that’s ahead of me.
On board I’m the captain, so climb aboard
We’ll search for tomorrow, on every shore
And I’ll try, Oh Lord, I’ll try.
To carry on.

Free is the perfect word to describe Clay, on a personal and professional level. He’s got so much talent in so many areas that his career will endure and thrive now that he is out from under RCA’s lack of sound business logic and blunder after blunder. I’ve always said their handling of his recording career could be a Harvard Business Review case study in how to botch a sure thing.

When he was riding high after selling double platinum in one week, they made him do a Christmas album. (Yeah, I know it was a big seller but it was the wrong time.) When he was ready with an album of originals, they discarded it and made him put out an album of love song cover ballads. When he finally got to make "On My Way Here", a gem of an album with original music, they forgot to promote it. Why would anyone in any profession want to stay at a company that stifled your talents and skills? In my opinion, by being free of their incompetence and indifference, he's got tremendous opportunity.

The gossip blogs will spin it as a bad thing, even though the majority of fans are relieved. Clay could have done a dance of happiness on the spot when it came time to renew his contract and they declined. But, "Clay Aiken and fans feel great about his future" doesn't really get many hits now does it?

The best voices will not be silenced. His voice soars in a recording studio, a television studio, on the concert stage, on a Broadway stage and on the world stage.

Upset? I’ve been waiting for this day for years!

A gathering of angels appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said.
They said, come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me.

I’m ready Clay. Can I bring my computer?

And I can't wait to hear Clay sing I Survived You this time. Here he is from 2004.

Here's a blast from the past. Styx in concert, 1977

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The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Clay Aiken and RCA are no more! Can there be any more exquisite words? Who knows what the future holds? But it's exciting to ponder. And I'm holding out hope that Clay's new label will promote and support him in ways RCA never did. The future for Clay Aiken will be very bright indeed. And please Clay - sing ISY as your encore for the next tour. The sound of cheers will be deafening!

Anonymous said...

I get to be the first. Comgratulations Clay, THIS IS YOUR NIGHT.

Great blog!!!

Anonymous said...

SOOOO VERY HAPPY!!!!! You GO Clay!!!

Invisible926 said...

A talent like Clay Aiken certainly deserves better treatment than he got from RCA. I hope he will now be able to collaborate with people who will nurture his talent and creativity.

ncgran4clay said...

Clay fans have watched RCA stifle
Clay Aiken for years!! You're free baby!! Now show us your stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! The media really doesn't have a clue about what the fans think. Do they?

Anonymous said...

Finally!!! Congratulations, Clay. RCA never appreciated what they had in you. It's a new day!

Anonymous said...

Great news for Clay Aiken. Time to move on!! I am thrilled with the news.

Enjoyed your blog. Thanks!

ISY is right!!


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting forever for this day to come. Can't wait for the next
chapter to start. I feel happy for Clay and his fans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog and the video of I Survived You. I hope Clay Aiken sings this song on his next tour. Any ideas about when that will take place?

Anonymous said...

...waiting forever for this; this is the night!

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day! Excellent blog. I don't care how bloggers and media hacks spin this latest bit of Clay Aiken news. We who have followed his career recognize the missed opportunities and shoddy treatment. Clay Aiken's talent is real. Onward and upward.


Anonymous said...

Finally, Clay is free and I am so excited for the future. RCA doesn't deserve a talent like his. There is much rejoicing over this. Go Clay,we are right here waiting for the future.

Anonymous said...

Loved you blog on this wonderful news and it was great to watch ISY again! How appropriate today!

Pink Armchair said...

So glad Clay is gone from those ingrates at RCA! Long may he thrive away from them. This is a day I've been hoping for for a long, long time. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Anonymous said...

Thrilled by this news. Clay Aiken deserves to be with a label that respects his enormous talent. What a great day in Clay Nation!

Anonymous said...

These Clay Aiken fans aren't in mourning at all! There is a big party going on within the fandom!
Many of the fans have longed for this day.

Onward to better things.

elaine said...

wonderful blog. very happy to learn that Clay and RCA parted ways. That record company didnt do anything to promote him

bring on the future

hosaa said...

Definitely feels like good news to me. The more freedom for Clay the better. I've felt that RCA has mismanaged Clay from the get-go. I can't wait to see what's next!

Kupkake said...

To every season a purpose, the upcoming spring a new beginning. Spread your wings and fly Clay, feel the freedom! We'll be here cheering you on. Referring to the media not having a clue about me as a fan, all this time and I'm still the misunderstood generation!

Phil said...

I have been waiting for this for a long time.


Allegra said...

RCA squandered their chance to make Clay Aiken a huge star. I have every confidence that now Clay's star can rise to the levels he was always meant to. He is the the master of his own fate.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what Clay Aiken has in store for us. Love his voice...he is an amazing talent.
Go Clay!!!

CeeZee said...

Clay Aiken is FREE!!!

I'm so happy for him. Finally he can get to do his own music.

Cotton said...

The bloggers and such think I'm MOURNING?!!
If you call doing cartwheels and toasting with a Bailey's on the Rocks, mourning, then I guess I'm mourning!


Happiest Clay Day since SPAM Opening Night!

Anonymous said...

There have been so many producers, writers & rival label staff who've expressed confusion over the years about RCA's handling of Clay Aiken that I have no doubt he is fielding many offers right now. I think a smaller label that devotes intense time & revenue to growing an artist for a life-long career is exactly what Clay will end up with & what he deserves. We heard at the beginning that Clive Davis was that type of executive, but man oh man, did that info ever prove bogus! CONGRATULATIONS, Clay, now you are truly FREE in every aspect of your life to be exactly the artist, man & father we always knew you could be!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Clay deserves much better than RCA. I'm so excited to see what's next for this mad talented man now that he is free from a record label that never treated him as the true talent he is! Time to soar, Clay and we're all ready for the ride!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Clay Aiken is free of the confines of RCA. Can't wait to hear what is next for him!

Rhode Island Fan said...

The sky is the limit for our Clay. So happy for him. He is megatalented and I cannot wait to see what he does next.

Anonymous said...

I'm another fan who is not in mourning in any way. Clay is free from incompetence. A new chapter in Clay's wonderful career.

idlefan said...

The rejoicing in Clay Nation tonight is electrifying! RCA never valued the talent they had in Clay Aiken. Good riddance to the whole sorry lot of 'em and good luck to Clay in all his future endeavors. I expect he'll be entertaining folks (and tickling the collective muse of the ConCLAYve) long after Clive Davis is dust. I Survived You, indeed. Go on with your bad self, Mr. Aiken!

Daniele said...

Clay Aiken is free from RCA!!!!! I can't believe I actually typed those words. This news is making me so happy !!

Anonymous said...

I'm still here and happy happy for Clay! Maybe now someone will do what Clay Aiken deserves. He's mega-talented. All he needs is for people to hear him and see him perform!

Annabear said...

I have all the confidence in the world in Clay Aiken and his immense talent. Whatever the future may hold, I am sure we will be seeing and hearing much more from him. The best is yet to come!

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken deserved better than RCA gave him. Good for him that he made this move. Looking for bigger and better things in Mr. Aiken's future.

Anonymous said...

Best news I heard today! YEA for the opportunities that await. Hopefully the days of being stifled are now over. Clay Aiken has the talent and drive to shine like the brightest star, and now one obstacle in his way is no more. Here's to the future. It seems very bright to me.

This fan is not in mourning. Most of the media and jerk-bloggers have no clue who Clay's fans are or what we want regarding music and entertainment from Clay.

Congratulations on your new-found freedom, Mr. Aiken!

Anonymous said...

congrats to Clay, so glad he no longer has that albatross around his neck

lindylo said...

Clay Aiken leaving RCA is great news.

Pat said...

It's a night of celebration!!!


Free at last!!!

PuddinsJoy said...

Nothing makes me happier to think that he's finally out from under RCA. I'm thrilled that Clay's finally free!
Clay Aiken is platinum. I know bigger things are on the way for this amazing entertainer and I plan on being there for each wonderful moment!

MagicalMusic said...

I agree 100% with your comments. Today is a day of celebration in the Clay Nation.

ncgurrl said...

It is about time. I am looking forward to watching Clay Aiken’s career grow. Exciting and fun times are ahead for Clay and all of his fans. RCA sure blew it on this one.

ymarie said...

I couldn't be happier that Clay Aiken is now free from that albatross around his neck known as RCA. From the very first, they didn't know what to do with him. I hope he now finds, or has found, a label that has the sense and forward thinking it takes to promote him successfully.

Anonymous said...

RCA and Clay Aiken have parted ways - Hurray and Hallelujah!!

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day ! Congratulations Clay .


jbc4clay said...

I am in celebration mode at the moment. This is a great day in the Clay Nation.
Congratulations Clay! I am so excited for you!

lulu said...

Clay Aiken free at last .... feels good to say that !!!!

Anonymous said...

At last -- thank goodness! We are here, Clay, Right Here Waiting. Go -- fly now...!
And we will fly with you -- to the stars.

Anonymous said...

I agree that RCA never promoted or supported Clay Aiken properly. Now that he is free of their incompetence and indifference, he can redirect his career and music without their inept interference. IT'S A GREAT DAY!


Anonymous said...

Where's the bubbly? This is cause for GREAT celebration. Clay Aiken is now FREE of RCA!!!!!! Can't wait to hear what he plans to do next.

Anonymous said...

Rejoice! Clay Aiken is free from RCA! Best of luck to Clay. He is an amazing talent and deserves a label who appreciates him.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Clay Aiken is free from RCA at last! WOOHOO!!! What a happy place the ClayNation is tonight. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredible entertainer.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Clay Aiken is finally free from RCA. It's a happy day.
I think we are all looking to the future.. it's going to be bright!!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! I am so happy Clay is out of RCA's clutches. I have been a fan of Hall & Oates for over 30 years, they fought with Clive for so long and now enjoy continued success on their indy label. Daryl's song written about Clive, I Ain't Gonna Take it this Time:

You push my buttons hard
And don't even realize what you're
doing is killing my soul
Do you think I'm just some prize
You can win and then discard
after the thrill is gone?
Well, listen then

I ain't gonna take it this time
I ain't gonna take that from anyone
I ain't gonna take it this time
Guess I'm gonna break out

You know I try to please
I lay awake at night
Trying to find the words you'll understand
But when I'm nothing but sincere
I know you can't be hearing
Cause you say it's more of the same
Well, listen then

Do you think I'd ever try to fool you
There are enough lies in the world
You don't need mine
If I can't win your heart and move you
You must be blind

I think it applies quite well to Clay.


Anonymous said...

Whoo-HOO!!!!! Way to go, Clay!

I couldn't be happier for you.

The best IS yet to come!!!

RIClayFan said...

Add my voice to the celebration. RCA did nothing but waste Clay's time and squander his talent.

These so-called "experts" really have no idea how Clay fans feel, do they?

Anonymous said...

I really hope this will be a new beginning for Clay and he will now get the promotion he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Now maybe another label will give someone of Clay Aiken's talent the support he deserves!

katy said...

Yea for Clay! What a great day! It does demonstrate how clueless and out of touch the RCA/19/AI machine was in the handling of Clay's music. Neither Clay Aiken or his fans are in "mourning". We both are celebrating his freedom!

Carolina Clay said...


Excellent blog about Clay Aiken's departure from RCA! Thnx for sharing the official release and your views in this ConCLAYve entry, which is linked in mine.

Have an awesome week!


Ashes said...

Applause, Applause..Here's to Clay Aiken now being able to spread his wings and fly with his talent.
Why RCA kept him & his talent so out of sight will always be a mystery.

I'm celebrating Clay's freedom at my blog (where I saw your update on my blog list)!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Can't wait to see what the future holds for Clay Aiken.