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Destiny's Child Part 2

Back in January, I wrote a blog on the eve of Clay Aiken’s Broadway debut. I called it Destiny’s Child because so much of what happened in his life seemed to follow a clear path leading up to that moment. It was probably one of the most enjoyable blogs that I’ve ever written.

Today, a new Destiny’s child was born. Parker Foster Aiken made his appearance on 8/8/08 and to top it off, Clay and Jaymes Foster became parents of young Master Parker at 8:08 in the morning.

I’ll get to the significance of the eights in a second. (But I did want to note that I had 8/7 in the baby pool so I was off by 8 hours and 8 minutes…..)

The reason this child is Destiny is how his mom and dad met. In this video interview talking about the creation of his new (and phenomenal) album, On My Way Here, Clay talks about hiring executive producers and meeting Jaymes. He tells the story about listening to hundreds of demos and finding one song that touched him. He felt that he and Jaymes connected in their first interview and wanted to bring her back for a second one. She came to the interview and of the likely thousands of songs she listens to as an A&R expert (artists and repertoire, those that pick the songs), she brought the same song. Clay says in this interview at that moment he felt “this is the one”.

At the time, it was simply about making music together. 3.5 years later it was about making a baby together. I think that meeting and that song were no coincidence any more than it was a coincidence that he was steered toward teaching children with autism by a smart and astute teacher, which eventually led him to Diane Bubel who pushed him to American Idol.

Now back to the 8s. First, as someone reminded me today, Clay's Charlotte audition number for American Idol was 88. According to a recent article, the Chinese word for 8 is ba, which many feel is close to the word for prosperity (fa). Also, many feel that 8 is important for weddings and other important occasions because turned on its side, it looks like this

Infinity. That is how long the love for this child will last. That is how long I hope Clay’s message of hope for all children, disabled, non-disabled, rich, poor, sick or oppressed, resonates.

Eight is important in the world of music and this child has a great musical heritage throughout the Aiken and Foster families. Eight notes exist between octaves. According to Wikipedia, in Astrology eight symbolized the perfectioning of incoming planetary energy. Skybar22 has blogged here about the incredible amount of planetary energy that was in Clay’s chart on his birth.

According to numerology expert Daniel Hardt "Eight is a very powerful number. It's a number of mastery," says Hardt of Life Path Numerology in Indianapolis, Ind. "It's a number of being in control."

Oh boy. Poor Jaymes, the two men in her life are control freaks. Something tells me Parker will win a lot of the early battles but Jaymes seems to be a balancing influence for Clay. Perhaps she can have a little more influence when it comes to seeing him in more low rider jeans. He does like to tease her though, as we saw in a 2006 Christmas concert.

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
Elizabeth Stone.....artist

Last winter, Clay performed on his annual Christmas tour and he ended the first half with a song he had never sung in the previous 3 Joyful Noise tours. It is called Welcome to our World. This performance is from Albany, NY. He was very emotional about it that night. In hindsight, given the timing of the baby, I wonder if he and Jaymes found out that Parker was coming. Welcome to our World. That’s the title he used today when he blogged to the fanclub about Parker’s arrival.

I think of Kenny Loggins’ beautiful song and I hope Clay sings it on his next tour.

People smile and tell me I’m the lucky one
And we’ve just begun, I think I’m gonna have a son
He will be like she and me, conceived in love

How about an acoustic version, Clay? Just like Kenny does here.

And just because, here’s the song that started as a job interview and ended up as Destiny. And I think this destiny can have dual US and Canadian citizenship!

You can find original Destiny’s Child blog here.

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yaknelle said...

Corabeth, what a wonderful blog. It's filled with love and respect. Thank you.

Anne said...

Fabulous blog about a fabulous person on this wonderful, joyful day! I couldn't be happier for Clay, Jaymes, Parker and all who love them.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

What a wonderful blog. I am beyond thrilled for Clay and Jaymes. This baby is much wanted and will be much loved. And I'd kill to hear Clay sing an acoustic version of Danny's Song. Oh, and yes, Welcome To Our World takes on a whole new meaning today.

MJE said...

Thank you for this beautiful blog.

treenuts said...

That was perfect!

berkeley said...

Corabeth, thank you for this moving and meaningful blog. Yes, Clay is indeed destiny's child, and it just feels right that a meeting that was so much more than a coincidence lead to the choice to have a child with his heart's best friend, Jaymes.

How fitting that the birth takes place on this auspicious day.

I felt both happy and tearful when I saw that Clay had named his blog announcing Parker's birth "Welcome to Our World."

I'll extend a welcome as well, and love, joy and many blessings to Jaymes, Clay and Parker --- Clay's new family.

topcat said...

I'm ecstatic for Clay and Jaymes and their families. Baby Parker will be infinitely loved that's for sure. Perfect blog for the occasion corabeth, and thanks for adding the link to Clay's moving rendition of Welcome to Our World. It seems that Clay was singing about more than one child that night.

CeeZee said...

I'm thrilled for Clay and Jaymes. Fantastic blog.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog and listening to Clay talk about how he and Jaymes met - bonding over the song - it's wonderful and now they have a son!

I wish them all happy blessings and love and respect - they so much deserve it.


jane, Singapore said...

Beautiful words ... wonderful blog, thank you Corabeth.

Yes, indeed the most wonderful of all things in life is realizing something special has begun from two hearts, once joined in friendship, uniting now in love through the creation of a new birth.

The glory of friendship is an inspiration of trust and love ... a bondage from which bears good fruit.

Parker Foster Aiken is a blessed gift - a joy from the labour of love descended upon two very committed trusting friends. His destiny, I am sure, will be a beacon of great things to come.

~ David Augsburger ~
"Love is expressed unequivocally in the availability offered. The assurance that each will be there for the other when needed, when expected, when desired is the confidence of being loved.

jane, Singapore

Pink Armchair said...

Corabeth, this was fantastic...I'm verklempt reading this. A wonderful job as usual, but you've really outdone yourself with this one. Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes. I'm so glad he was able to share his joy with us.

kiermar said...

Corabeth, what a beautiful blog! I'm all misty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes on the birth of their precious son.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog! "As long as we're here " is such a beautiful song. To bad the world is not hearing it. I Think some day this song will be a huge hit.

Congrats to Clay and Jaymes!!!

Anonymous said...

Destany's Child-Perfect. Along with the song that titled his birth announcement I loved the tie-in with the number eight. I'm a mess.

Looking back, every thing is different. "on the same page in each others lives" indeed~


Anonymous said...

loved this blog. I'm so happy for Clay and Jaymes and Parker