Friday, September 29, 2006

The Older Blogger

As I sit down with my laptop, my WORD processing program and my glass of Zinfandel, I still feel (mentioned it in my last blog) so much like Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City searching for the 'angle' for my next blog. Now, mind you, I said I 'feel' like Carrie not 'look' like Carrie. Carrie is almost 30 years younger in the series than I, and I'm assuming a very well paid columnist. I, on the other hand, am doing this for 'fun'. And I'm in good company, not only with all the wonderful Clay fan bloggers, but with thousands of 'older' bloggers.

In an article I recently read in my latest AARP magazine, which sits on top of my copy of People, Teen People, Entertainment Weekly, Money, Forbes & Time, there was a blub about the 'older' blogger who upon retiring from the workplace now turns to blogging to enable them to interact with a new social group of 'like minded' people. It also keeps their critical abilities sharp because they're reading, writing and thinking. Hell, I've been doing that since I found 'like minded' Clay fans 3 years ago. Blogging gives me another outlet
for all the reading and thinking I've been doing all along.

The article continues to state that "A blog is there forever, so people continue to read the posts and say how they've affected them". The blog has given us a voice". The fan boards have given us a voice and Clay has encouraged us to use our voice!

It's been a long time since I've written anything creative... the past many years have found my writing limited to:
  • Notes to the various teachers & school administers excusing or giving permission on behalf of my 3 children
  • Notes and letters to various commercial establishments who didn't credit my accounts
  • Notes and letters wishing family and friends well on their birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, births, bar and bat mitzvahs, confirmations, engagements, thank yous and sympathy notes upon the death of someone dear to them.
  • Notes and letters keeping family and friends caught up on family happenings
  • 30 years worth of business correspondence, technical instructional material and personnel appraisals
  • 3 years worth of board posting
  • 1 years worth of blogging

I'm going to embrace "The Older Blogger" tag because it puts me in very good company. I believe it to be a chronological reference that establishes the blogger to be someone that has experienced lots of life which provides that person with lots of life stories and lots of opinions.

I've found my 'hook' and my future blogs will chronicle my life experiences, both funny and sad, both wise and not so wise. It will be my version of "Learning to Sing, Hearing the Music in Your Life".

Who knows, since blogs last forever someday my grandchildren and their offspring will find my writings amongst the archives in some archival forum of the future. ...Whatever form that will take.

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Vox Vixen said...

Earlier,I was thinking about when "older" became such a dirty word. I guess because next week I'm going to visit my father who is 70. Even though I am an adult with opinions and views of my own, I always defer to him out of respect as I would to any person a generation or so older than me. I figure they have a wisdom that I might not yet have. I might hold on to my own views and opinions, but I would never dream of making someone else seem irrelevant the way so many media types seem to do.


Before Clay, I could barely right-click and save. I could never find where my files went. *g* Now not only am right-click saving fool, I have a blog which makes my teenagers chuckle...I also have an Ipod. Thanks to Clay I feel 25. It's all good.