Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Claypod Shuffle

No, that isn't a new dance although Clay did something like that when he sang Build Me Up Buttercup on AI2.

I recently bought myself an iPod nano for my husband's birthday. He never wants anything so I decided to make myself happy. I've loaded about 5.5 hours of songs on there so far, including about 45 minutes of Clay from his tours. The rest of it is a mixture of recent songs and artists along with my favorite hits from the 70's and 80's. You might say I have a HOT AC type of iPod.

I'm on vacation at the beach right now and laying out on the deck with a beautiful ocean breeze masking the 90+ degree temperatures, I decided to try to listen on shuffle. This way every song is a surprise but always a good one. I found that I enjoyed this very much. I also realized that I had forgotten just how good some of those other artists are/were. (It also made me desperately want Clay to cover something fun like a Meatloaf song-preferably You Took the Words Right out of my Mouth.

Can you imagine this little exchange at a concert which is the spoken part before the actual song starts?

Clay: On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
Lucky girl in Audience : Will he offer me his mouth?
Clay: Yes!
LGIA: Will he offer me this teeth?
Clay: (with a little growl) Yes!
LGIA: Will he offer me his hunger?
Clay: Yes!!
LGIA: Again, will he offer me his hunger?
Clay: (Desperately) Yesss!
LGIA: And will he starve without me?
Clay: YES
LGIA: And does he love me?
Clay: (Softly and with deadly eye contact) Yes… On a hot summer night, will you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
LGIA: (Physically and emotionally incapable of refusing at this point) Yes
Clay: (Back to his usual snarky self) I bet you say that to all the boys.

And the LGIA gets a red rose instead of the lei that was given out during the NAT.

Pardon me, I need to take a moment. (TM/Jemock--Taking A Moment)

Anyway, back to the ipod. Of course so many songs start playing on the shuffle and I start to think that Clay would sound great on them. But I also enjoy recalling just how beautiful Linda Rondstadt's voice was on the album she did with Aaron Neville. That is easily one of my favorite albums of all time, every song is great.

I don't imagine Clay singing those songs, I imagine singing those songs to Clay.

I've got some great bands on there from Kansas to Def Leppard to Aerosmith to Fleetwood Mac. I've got Rob Thomas with and without Matchbox Twenty. I've got oldies but goodies on there from England Dan and John Forth Coley. I've got fun and brilliant songs from Janet Jackson before she felt that she had to expose herself to get her music noticed. I've got that nifty new song from Christina Aguilera that is starting to really grow on me.

But there's one thing I really noticed while listening to things on the shuffle format. Even though I enjoyed all these songs and artists very much, I find I am just listening to them. When a Clay song comes on, I FOCUS. I stop what I am doing or what else I am thinking about and just let the voice absorb into me. I especially love I Can't Make You Love Me from New Hampshire since I was there and Back for More where he throws down the microphone.

The thought that we will be hearing a new song from Clay very shortly and a whole album's worth of material in just two short months is very exciting to me. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for 'out of the box" type promotion. I hope they promote it A Thousand Different Ways. I think I just might copy it over 2-3 times on the ipod so that they shuffle in many times.

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beauzzartz said...

Thanks CB, I can't believe I've never seen that Rondstadt/Neville video. I love Linda Rondstadt, another pure vocal sound that is very recognizable. I completely understand about the urge to FOCUS on the VOICE, which is why I can't work and listen to Clay sing at the same time. Multi-tasking has its limits!

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

It really is all about the voices isn't it. Some are pure like Rondstadt's and beautiful. Others that I love aren't "pure" voices but they reach in and grab me -- with Clay, it's like I get both. A gorgeous pure voice that really touches my emotions too. I'm always amazed when he comes on my iPod (since it's always on shuffle) and the voice never ceases to catch me and make me listen.

Pink Armchair said...

Your iPod sounds a lot like mine...and for me, too, it's all about the voices. I love having all of them gathered in one little compact place. Of course, I probably have Clay on there more than anyone...