Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day & Clay

Since this is going to turn out to be another unfunny blog, let me start out by giving a huge SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! to the new Clay Aiken!! Like many people, when I saw FauxClay as one of the nominees for the Golden Idol, I knew this was it. I was not optimistic that this would be a good thing --- but Holy Shit!!! Brilliant, Genius, Un-frickin-believable!! Can you tell I love the new look and everything about the AI appearance??

So, it's Memorial Day Weekend. Every Memorial Day, we gather at a field named for our family in the city where we live. There is a stone marker there with 3 names on it -- 3 cousins who grew up together and all went off to WWII. None came home. One of them was my father's brother, who I obviously never got to meet.
When I was younger, I never really got the significance of this. I was annoyed that I had to get up early on my day off and stand out there, rain or shine with bugs galore. We'd see people we never see much, they'd kiss you and leave huge red lipstick marks on your cheek (after they pinched them). Then we'd say a prayer, the American Legion would shoot their fake guns and we'd say good-bye and head to the BBQ of the day.

Last year, one of my cousins took over leading the ceremony from my Uncle. It was then that I realized that most of the generation who actually knew these 3 boys are not there anymore. It was then that the significance hit me. I looked around and saw my nieces and all of my cousins' children. It is our responsibility to ensure that they carry on the tradition and honor these brave men. It ws my parents' responsibility to wake my ass out of bed on my day off so that I would have the opportunity to make sure that they are not forgotten. It only took me 40 years to figure it out!

So, on this Memorial Day, I thank all those who serve our country.

Now back to Clay's brilliant AI appearance. He was bigger news than effin Prince!!! He walked out and commanded that stage like the star he is! Then he reminded people of why he is a star -- the VOX! Clay Aiken blew everyone on that finale out of the water. Meatloaf - stunk. Toni Braxton - did she even sing? Al Jarreau -- not horrible. Live -- whatever. Carrie Underwood - ZZZZZZ! Prince - good but forgotten. I am so ready for 2006 Clay -- BRING IT ON!!!!

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The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

What a great blog - thanks for sharing your story. And yes, thanks to all who serve our country. Thank you for reminding us what Memorial Day is about.

And while I don't need to be reminded about how fabulous Clay was on AI5 - I sure do like hearing it!

~ YSRN ~ said...

Pretty cool to be able to carry forth a family tradition and honor the sacrifices they made. And hey, some people never get it. 40 is good. *salute* to them all.

Prince who? Hee.

beauzzartz said...

I'm a few days late but just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tribute to those who serve our country. I was touched by the line of cars waiting to get into our small country cemetary this past Monday. They will not be forgotten.

TheClayBlog said...

I enjoyed your blog. It is true. We keep people alive through our memories and talking about them. It is our responsibility to share that with our children.

And oh yeah, that Clay Aiken guy is HOT!