Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Clay and Me at the World Series

So, yeah, I consider myself a fairly intelligent, gainfully employed 40-year old (is that middle age??). I also consider myself a fan of Clay Aiken.

I am also a slightly obsessed Yankee fan! My screen name 4624 -- that's 46 for Andy Pettitte and 24 for Tino Martinez. Since tonight's the night that the most storied rivalry in baseball comes to Yankee Stadium, I thought I'd tell the story of when my fandoms collided.

Picture it, New York, October 2003 (tm - Sophia Petrillo). A few months earlier, we had sold my childhood home since my mom passed away a few years ago. So, I had come into some money and had never been to a World Series game. When I heard that Clay was singing the SSB at Game 1, I decided to treat my sister and 2 nieces to a night at the House That Ruth Built. I went on E-Bay, found a local seller, paid way too much and took the plunge.

It was a great night! Let me get this out of the way now --- IT WAS COLD!! Anyhoo -- we got there way early and watched the players warm up. My niece was thrilled to see her fave Andy Pettitte playing catch with Roger Clemens in right field. She ran down to field level, got a wave and was happy the rest of the night, no make that the rest of the week.

The pomp and circumstance at Yankee Stadium is something everyone should experience. The introductions, The F-14's (more about that later), Challenger the Eagle, Ronan Tynan singing God Bless America and for tonight, Clay Aiken. I heard no booing from where I was. Having been to many Yankee games, the crowd is always respectful of the SSB and I can't imagine there was booing. I did hear some BOOMER chants since David Wells was pitching and he was walking in from the bullpen. I've convinced myself that's what everyone heard.

Clay, of course, sang beautifully and looked gorgeous in the creamy turtleneck (IT WAS COLD!!). To me, it was just the way that song should be sung. However, the F-14 flyover was a little early. I was watching through my binoculars and it was clear to me that Clay didn't know what to do. He paused for the planes and then belted out the rest of the song with ease, like nothing ever happened. It was glorious and the crowd was appreciative.

Unfortunately, the Yankees lost and would go on to lose the Series as well. No ticker tape parade for me that year. In fact, no ticker tape since 2000!! Not happy about that. I hope that this is the year the Yankees get #27!!

Coming soon..... How fugly is Randy Johnson? Who knew Johnny Damon was hot without the caveman hair? Jason Giambi -- Back on the juice? A-Rod at 3rd, Derek at SS -- Does it get any better than that?

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Pink Armchair said...

I enjoyed this story very much! Wish I'd been there to see Clay perform, even if it was freezing. Thanks for sharing.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Thanks for the story. "Slightly" obsessed Yankee fan? Mmmmm. I don't know why I've never been able to get into baseball. It always seemed so sloooooooooow to me. But boy, I would go in a NY minute if Clay could sing the SSB again!

Anonymous said...

No, the best it gets is when the Red Sox beat fugly Randy Johnson last night HUGE. Well, that was almost as good as spanking them after they had a 3-0 lead in the American League Championship series in 2004.

I guess I have to sign up for a blogger account but I'm sure you know who this is!

If Clay ever sings at Fenway I don't think I could stand the excitement.

Valeda said...

Great story Theresa. I'm not as big a baseball fan as you are, but I used to enjoy going to the Expos' games with my mom. She loved baseball. I remember her listening to the games on radio while doing her ironing. Now my mom is gone and so are the Expos. I do love Clay Aiken and I am anxiously waiting for his next CD. I'm sure my mom would have loved Clay too!

~ YSRN ~ said...

Damn! You get all that and I get Barry Bonds. *sob*

I lost my World Series the year before Clay. It was my first. And it hurt even though we deserved that loss. The Giants laid (layed?) down too soon. I still shake my had

I would have loved to have Clay sing at my World Series. Very cool. Thanks for sharing your story!

beauzzartz said...

I loved your story! How cool to have been there. My youngest son is a HUGE Yankee fan and moving to NYC in the next month. I guess I'll have to take in a game or two this summer. Happy Birthday!!

ivy said...

This story reminds me how much my family loves baseball. The last game we attended was a Cubs game with standing room only. Guess who was standing! We had the best time. And I love to hear Clay sing the SSB. Apparently he sang it recently when his uncle retired from the military and the comment in the paper was that it was "flawless".